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Helinox Chair Zero

How to Protect your Product from China Counterfeiting with 360° Trademark Protection

Low maintenance representatives in China

Try not to utilize anybody in China without a composed work contract.

China requires a business have a composed work contract with all full-time representatives. But since China's business laws can shift such a great amount of relying upon region, there is no such general govern with respect to low maintenance workers. Be that as it may, for some reasons, regardless of where you are in China, you ought to have composed work contracts with your low maintenance representatives too. The most essential motivation to have such an agreement with the greater part of your representatives — full and low maintenance — is on account of it will be your best proof to demonstrate what your business relationship involved.

Think about this speculative. A business and worker orally concur the representative will work close to 12 hours every month. The worker works in the back office and she is permitted to make her own timetable. The worker does not record…