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Miele Scout RX2 Review

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Miele Scout RX2 came like a major amazement. I wasn't expecting another robot vacuum from the German maker, given the poor enthusiasm over their first form, the RX1.
Try not to misunderstand me, Miele is as I would like to think in the main 3 vacuum cleaner makers of the world. Their canisters are totally shocking, in the two looks and execution. Be that as it may, mechanical vacuums are another breed to provide food and Miele hasn't done excessively around there up until now. In any case, things are going to change with the presentation of their new contraption. In spite of the fact that not yet accessible in the US, you will have the capacity to appreciate flawless floors and covers soon. Equipped for 3D vision, the Scout RX2 can explore your home and clean every niche and crevice. Mechanically, it's a standout amongst the most exceptional robot vacuums I've tried, so we should find more about this imaginative home apparatus and check whether it's justified regardless of the sticker price.


Cleaning capacity and suction control

To get all the soil and flotsam and jetsam out of your rugs and floors, this robot vacuum cleaner from Miele utilizes a far reaching cleaning instrument. It is comprised of a turbo brush and a couple of long-fiber, side brushes which pivot and clean the regions which are difficult to reach. These side-brushes really stretch out on verbalized arms when the unit recognizes that it is moving toward the corners which require cleaning. It likewise executes an exceedingly successful suction framework with a power rating of approx. 1200 Pa. These three segments cooperate to guarantee that the robot vacuum cleaner completes a careful activity. It can even vacuum up cumbersome soil and trash, for example, cheerios, kitty litter and bread scraps. The Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision inward component cleans your home in 4 phases. They are marked by the maker as the "Quattro Cleaning Power". In the principal phase of cleaning, an arrangement of turning brushes clear up soil underneath the robot vacuum more clean. From that point forward, the side brushes which are determined to verbalized arms stretch out to tidy up adjacent corners. In the event that the vacuum cleaner approaches a deterrent, these arms are latently withdrawn. A particular blender bar continues to catch up on the unpleasant flotsam and jetsam into a wide segment that is situated in the front of the unit. Promptly after this system assembles the soil, the robot vacuum initiates the suction to suck up all the earth and any staying fine residue. This is drawn through a tight opening into the residue container canister situated inside the unit. In the fourth phase of cleaning, an uncommon brushless engine controlled by a brilliant battery sucks up any remaining soil. This leaves your floors or covers flawlessly spotless. As you find in my video audit, the unit got reviews more than 90% on all surfaces and for a wide range of earth.

Info Power/Battery Life

The Scout RX2 Home Vision uses a lithium-particle battery with a power rating of 4,400 mAh. There is sufficient juice to tidy your home for up to 2 hours constantly. Amid this time, the vacuum cleaner will cover a territory of 2,500 feet with no requirement for an energize. At the point when the battery gets relatively exhausted, the robot vacuum cleaner will explore back to its charging station. From that point onward, it will take around 2 hours to charge it full. It is good with outlets that have a power rating of 120V-220V.

Residue limit

This Miele is a piece of a gathering of home cleaning apparatuses that have won honors and got numerous awards. It has a smooth outline that demonstrates the maker's energy for successful moderation. The soil cleaned up your floors or covers is put away in a high limit 22 oz container, tantamount with what we have in the second form of Xiaomi or the Neato D7.

Filtration framework effectiveness

The unit has a filtration framework made utilizing Miele's predominant innovation. Miele has dependably been the best at this part. The maker promotes the channel as AirClean Plus, which is only an extravagant method for saying it is a HEPA+.

Weight and measurements

Applauded for its minimal outline, the Miele Scout RX2 weighs under 12 pounds, which is still a great deal IMO. In any case, it gauges 13.93 x 13.93 x 3.34 inches (354 x 354 x 85 mm). It's one of the most limited robovacs, which makes it perfect for some family units. It is accessible in a smooth matte-dark shading, while the straightforward RX2 form likewise includes a red line. Its size guarantees that the robot can fit under furniture and in the most tight spaces.

Guarantee and customer bolster

This robot vacuum cleaner has a guarantee which keeps going 2 years. This is any longer than a large portion of the robots at present in the market. Clients can get to instructional exercises about this robot on the web.

Unique highlights

One of the unique highlights of this vacuum cleaner is that it can explore and clean numerous rooms at once. Besides, you can program a timetable into the unit with the goal that it will tidy up your home at particular circumstances of the day. To guarantee an impeccable clean, the Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision can play out numerous disregards a similar territory. It can achieve this on account of the implicit, propelled route framework. Here are some different highlights:

Wi-Fi ability and cell phone control. For less demanding control, this robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled through an application. The maker says it is accessible on both Android and iOS brilliant gadgets, be that as it may, I couldn't discover the application on the Play Store. I've hunt down it on the web, introduced it from an outsider website which didn't look official by any stretch of the imagination, and astonishment shock, it didn't work, in spite of the fact that I've lost 3h endeavoring to get it going. That start stated, I saw cases online on how you can utilize the application to define virtual limits, take a gander at the video stream caught by the stereo cameras, look at battery details, the size zone cleaned et cetera. Besides, the Wi-Fi module can be totally disengaged, so you can guarantee no programmer will watch you in your clothing, gave that he figures out how to get by the safety efforts introduced by Miele's architects.

Swing-outside brushes. These are a genuine curiosity for me. The side-brushes are stretched out outside the fundamental body case, and can inactively contract on the off chance that they experience an obstruction.

Non-parallel wheels. The power wheels are put at a point, enabling the unit to climb thick covers and keep away from the great tangling process.


The container doesn't contain an excessive number of adornments. Leaving aside the AAA batteries for the remote control, Miele didn't pack any additional side-brushes of channels. The container has a little brush on the best, which can be utilized to keep up the unit in idealize condition.

Ease of use

4 cleaning modes. They are "Corner mode", "Auto mode", "Spot mode" and "Turbo mode". The Auto mode empowers the unit to tidy up your whole home and afterward come back to base after the activity is finished. When it is set to Corner mode, this robot vacuum cleaner covers every one of the corners and afterward comes back to the charging base. In the Spot mode, it cleans a territory inside a range of 6 feet. In Turbo mode, the unit cleans half snappier than the Auto mode. The robot vacuum cleaner can accomplish this by making a greater hole between cleaning lines.

Remote control. For boosted control, this robot vacuum can be coordinated utilizing a helpful remote controller.

Calm activity. The Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision gives extraordinary compared to other client encounters as it tidies up your home. This is on the grounds that it works quietly. Truly, it has been appraised as a standout amongst the most calm robot vacuum cleaners. It delivers a murmur of just 60 dB (decibels). All things considered, it can tidy up a room while you're in there without being a diversion.

Furniture security. While working, the Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision has an arrangement of infrared sensors on its front board which keep it from crashing into furniture. The front elastic guard along its external edge and the side-brushes are likewise adding to this element.

Precipice evasion. The unit has an arrangement of three infrared sensors which are situated on its base. They assist it with avoiding tumbling down the stairs.

Simple upkeep. This is an apparatus which is very simple to utilize. The way toward keeping up it takes just 7 minutes.

Climbing abilities. It can scale raised surfaces of up to 0.75 crawls in tallness.

Route framework and development calculation

The Miele Scout RX2 uses the "3D Smart Navigation" framework. Because of this innovation, it can distinguish its own particular position in the room amid cleaning. Besides, the unit takes after a particular example as it works. It utilizes the roof to make an ongoing computerized delineate. From that point onward, it adjusts the inward development calculation to take after this guide. Subsequently, this robot vacuum cleaner can tidy up earth, residue and trash efficiently. Indeed, it tidies up from one end of the space to the next in a dynamic way. A most accommodating element of the route of the RX2 is that it can successfully avoid crashes. It can likewise continue its unique way on the off chance that it gets knocked off kilter. By relying upon its propelled route framework, the unit additionally avoids any stairs and drops which could harm it.

Miele Scout RX2 versus Scout RX2 Home Vision

The 2 models appear to be identical, in any case, the standard RX2 is less expensive than the Home Vision display, since it includes a weaker battery (60 mins versus 120 mins of persistent work – 2200 mAh versus 4400 mAh).

Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision versus Ilife V7S Pro

I needed to contrast a $900 Miele and a $200 iLife, so here's the visual thought, with both these robots on a legitimate standard sumo-robot field:


This robot vacuum cleaner is a peaceful machine. It will clean your home while murmuring in a medium-low tone. This a major favorable position for the individuals who have pets in their families. The Miele Scout RX2 is polished and simple to work. The unit is anything but difficult to begin and its manual is thorough. At the point when set to Auto Mode, this robot vacuum plays out a brilliant activity. The advances from rugs and mats to tiled floors are smooth. The RX2 completes a great job of sucking up pet hair and fine residue.


A few purchasers who have purchased and utilized this robot vacuum cleaner feel that the Miele Scout RX2 just completes a great job of programmed cleaning in the event that it is taking care of a rectangular room. On the off chance that set in a sporadically formed room, a few purchasers say the unit gets confounded and can't spotless consistently and completely. Others, for example, me, didn't figure out how to interface and utilize the application.

Last contemplations and VGM

With regards to robot vacuum cleaners, the Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision takes the cake. It is productive, able, profoundly flexibility and can be controlled remotely also. The apparatus has a lovely outline and packs the absolute most cutting edge brushes in the robot vacuum cleaner industry.


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