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The Atlas Wristband separates itself from most different wellness trackers in that it's not implied as a universally useful gadget to gauge steps and rest. Or maybe, this $199 wristband can recognize and track in excess of 100 distinct activities, for example, a dumbbell bear press and an iron weight swing, and screen your pulse. Notwithstanding, clients should neglect a couple of configuration blemishes on the off chance that they need to track everything they might do at the rec center and push their exercises to the following level.
Atlas Wristband


For a wellness tracker, the Atlas has an abnormal outline. The rectangular, following bit of the gadget cuts into, and bulges out from the wristband. While this makes it simple to peruse the show without distorting your wrist, it's sort of unbalanced.

The wristband changes with oblige wrists as thin as 5.2 inches or as large as 8.5 creeps around, however I discovered this one-estimate fits-all gadget to be massive and awkward. The tracker itself is 0.4 inches thick and the show estimates 1.8 x 1.1 inches, which feels like a block for somebody with a petite form.

Map book suggests that clients wear the gadget on the left wrist, as you can't change the introduction of the screen. On the off chance that the tracker is worn on the correct wrist, it could dive into your correct hand amid a pushup, for example. Map book says a product refresh, due in September or October, will enable clients to pivot the screen as per their inclination.

The tracker is held set up attractively, which didn't turn out to be all that protected. When I wore it amid a quiet swimming pool visit with only a smidgen of sprinkling around, the tracker disconnected from the wristband and sank to the base of the pool. Twice. Fortunately it's water safe up to 30 meters.

Inscription: Atlas Wristband 2 presses into deliver pushup position when worn on the correct wrist. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

Subtitle: Atlas Wristband 2 presses into turn in pushup position when worn on the correct wrist. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

Since it's ragged on your arm, the most clear weakness with the Atlas tracker is its powerlessness to track leg practices performed while your abdominal area is stationary. For example, while it can track calf raises and squats, in which the abdominal area really moves, it can't track leg expansions or adductor and abductor practices performed utilizing machines. That implies about a fourth of my typical rec center exercise would need to be recorded physically. Yet, that would be the situation with other wrist-worn gadgets too.

One splendid point on configuration is that the Atlas Wristband 2 can be accused of any Micro USB link. It doesn't require a restrictive connector, just like the case with Fitbits, for instance.


The Wristband works with the Atlas Android or iOS versatile application. Clients can look over an assortment of exercise styles, including CrossFit and P90X, or activities utilizing free weights or body weight as it were. You will then be incited to choose the hardware accessible and practice objectives for an altered guided exercise.

For each activity recorded in the Atlas application, there's a composed portrayal and short video exhibiting its appropriate shape and in addition a graph of the muscle bunches that every action targets.

Alongside following the quantity of reps and the time spent resting between sets, the Atlas application demonstrates how quick reps are performed by and large and how that could convert into results like consuming fat, enhancing muscle tone and truly building up.

The application can likewise indicate chronicled information on each sort of activity performed, including the date they were played out, the most extreme pulse accomplished while performing them and the weights utilized.

Following Exercise

While working in "Free-form Mode," Atlas tallies reps and sets by deciphering information accumulated by the gadget's three-hub accelerometer and three-hub gyrator and contrasts them and a database of activities and how they're performed by fitness coaches.

Recordings and composed portrayals in the Atlas application disclose in detail how to perform practices most successfully to get the most out of each move. They were helpful, and could at last be less expensive than paying for individual instructional courses.

In testing, rep include of activities as of now the Atlas database couldn't help contradicting the quantity of reps I checked. Fifteen crunches were considered 12, however that could have been on the grounds that they weren't performed accurately. A total crunch includes lifting the shoulder bones totally off the tangle, which could represent the distinction, the Atlas CEO clarified. Be that as it may, substituting dumbbell bicep twists done rapidly were deciphered as customary dumbbell bicep twists.

On thing that really separates the Wristband 2 from different wellness trackers is that it can learn new activities. On the off chance that an action isn't among those in the Atlas database, clients can play out the a couple of reiterations of the activity and the gadget will figure out how to remember it.

Be that as it may, amid routine cardio exercises on a curved or treadmill, I found the massive tracker more awkward if my wrists weren't flawlessly straight.

Pulse Monitoring

Green and golden LEDs on the underside of the tracker recognize pulse optically amid both calisthenic and cardiovascular exercise.

In "Stopwatch/Cardio" mode testing, the Atlas pulse screen revealed generally a similar pulse as those detected by a treadmill, circular machine and bend coach outfitted with pulse screens, yet the Atlas was off by as much as 30 beats for each moment on a couple of events, and took up to a moment or two to get up to speed when I changed from low power to higher-force work out. That is ordinary for some, optical pulse screens, however.

Battery Life

The Atlas Wristband's battery should last through three to five one-hour exercises, as indicated by the organization. There's a "Power Save Mode," yet to best safeguard battery life, the Atlas suggests that the gadget be controlled off when it's not being utilized to track an exercise, a disturbance for the individuals who are utilized to consistent observing. It could take up to over a hour to completely charge the gadget.

Main concern

The Atlas Wristband 2 could be a decent gadget for the individuals who are not kidding about following their reps and sets amid weight preparing, learning news moves and pushing past levels. Recordings and portrayals representing appropriate frame for each trackable exercise are helpful for the individuals who need to get the best outcomes out of each development they make at the rec center. Be that as it may, its cumbersome plan and the tracker's unreliable association make it a not as much as perfect exercise accomplice.

The Atlas Wearables Wristband has a place with a little gathering of wellness trackers that is manufactured not for checking steps, but rather helping you get the most out of an exercise center exercise.

Like the GymWatch or the Beast sensor, you can slap the Atlas around your wrist and it has the tech locally available to naturally perceive whether you're completing a sit-up or having an iron weight session, checking the reps so you don't need to.

It's yet another wearable crowdfunding example of overcoming adversity, raising $629k on Indiegogo, and you would now be able to lift it up from the Atlas site for $199. That is more costly than the muscle-building GymWatch and places it in indistinguishable evaluating domains from the Fitbit Blaze.

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Cost when explored:


Not at all like the Blaze, this is certifiably not a wearable you wear throughout the day. It's tied in with observing those exceptional instructional meetings and afterward returning into the duffel bag before the following exercise.

Does it convey to legitimize the $199 sticker price? We hit the rec center to discover.

Chart book Wristband: Design

Goodness the Atlas Wristband outline. Any reasonable person would agree that you won't discover anything out there that seems as though it. It's nearly as though a Withings Pulse O2 has been turned evenly and put inside a lively watch lash. We should begin with the ordinary part first. That is the delicate touch dark plastic wristband that is about as wide as the one on the Fitbit Blaze. There's an entirely standard watch style clasp to keep it safely set up. It's splendidly agreeable and I didn't encounter any disturbance wearing it amid my exercise sessions.

At that point there's the sensor module that attractively cuts into the tie with the screen held evenly. There's no making tracks in an opposite direction from the way that it's cumbersome and simply doesn't look right. I'm not by any means the only one who felt that. I gave it over to two or three my exercise center cherishing companions and they thought the same. It will draw looks when you wear it. It's a disgrace on the grounds that notwithstanding the lumbering plan, it's very light to wear and doesn't act as a burden when you're putting in a move in the rec center.

There is one clear advantage to situating the screen thusly. It implies you can see subtle elements in full on the PMOLED show. It's a 128 x 64 pixel goals screen that helps me a considerable measure to remember the presentations on the Fitbit One and Ultra wellness trackers. It's impeccably obvious amid the day and night. Presently you're likely not going to wear it outside and that is something worth being thankful for. The screen has poor perceivability in splendid daylight.

The show just registers taps, so there's no swiping through screens here. Here you tap to see the time, mentor mode exercises, free-form mode, pulse information, a hints and traps area and a power off screen.

It's water safe up to 30 meters, yet before you consider hopping in the pool with it, it's not swim-accommodating, yet. There is plans to utilize the movement sensors to track strokes and laps, yet it's obviously not prepared yet.

Somewhere else, there's only a solitary physical catch which is effortlessly available when the module is set up. There's a Micro USB charging port, so you can utilize a standard Micro USB charger (like a telephone one) to control it up.

Around the back is an optical pulse sensor to help measure the force of your exercises and convey on the spot readings. It's a comparable style of sensor you'll discover on Fitbits or Mio trackers, blazing lights against the skin to recognize changes in blood volume to produce a beats for every moment (bpm) perusing.

Presently here's a critical part. The Atlas Wristband is just intended to be worn on the left wrist. Sorry righties, however there's a purpose behind this. That is on the grounds that the Atlas group composed the vast majority of the activity information wearing the band on the left wrist.

Chart book Wristband: How it works

This isn't obviously your standard wellness tracker so it does things a little distinctively with regards to observing movement.

Inside the sensor module lies a three pivot accelerometer and gyrator alongside two 32-bit ARM M4 processors. When you play out a push up or a dumbbell rep, the sensors can track the movement in 3D and match it against a database of activities to perceive the sort of activity and record the quantity of reps on the wristband.

There's around 50 practices upheld and it's a decent scope of activities secured here. There's help for barbell or dumbbell preparing, body weight preparing giving you a chance to commit time to the abs or work on working up those leg muscles.

It's an entirely far reaching list however definitely it won't cover everybody's schedules flawlessly. Map book expects to include new activities alongside new measurements when it can, yet in the time I've been utilizing it, I can't state that I've seen any new activities fly up.

Map book Wristband: The application

The Atlas application is accessible for Android and iOS to match up exercise information over Bluetooth alongside inspecting and redoing your exercises. Simply ensure you don't mix up it for the Atlas Engine application. It's from a similar organization, yet it's intended to tally reps utilizing your telephone's sensors. That means staying your telephone into an armband gaining it more hard to survey ground. You additionally don't have the advantage of the pulse following.

Getting set up appears to entirely clear, once you understand that you have to include your date of birth in the US organize. On the off chance that you don't, the application doesn't let you know and it took a while before I understood that was my concern.

Once you're in, it feels like there's a considerable amount to take in however you can rapidly build up what's the most helpful here. It's basically separated into two segments, My Workouts and Plan Workouts. In the previous, you can see a pleasant rundown of custom exercises with subtle elements on viewpoints like pulse, span with a breakdown of the individual activities. You can even view cardio and speed data. There's a decent graph demonstrating to you the parts of the body you've been dealing with amid an exercise also.

In the Plan Workout area this is the place you can match up a gathering of prebuilt exercises. It ranges from things like first exercise and live wellness exercises. There's not a broad rundown here but rather you can make your own custom exercise by selecting activities and schedules.

There's a dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner and this is an essential place for two or three reasons. It's here where you can choose the activities that can be utilized in Freestyle mode. You can adjust to 15 activities to the band at one time, which ought to be sufficient for most. There's additionally the Exercise Guide segment, this is truly vital in case you're a rec center beginner and you don't know a large portion of the activities that are recorded. They all come went with a video of how to accurately perform them and guarantees you give the sensors the most obvious opportunity with regards to remembering them.

Chart book Wristband: Performance

So what's it get a kick out of the chance to exercise with the Atlas Wristband? Indeed, once you can move beyond that cumbersome looking equipment, it's in reality great at conveying what it guarantees. Not at all like the GymWatch, which I've likewise utilized, it's pleasant to have a screen where you can see your advancement continuously and leave your telephone immaculate.

The free-form mode is unquestionably the champion component here. In the wake of selecting a scope of activities including sit-ups, iron weight and dumbbell works out, I get a rundown on the band helping me to remember the activities I have matched up. Tap to begin practicing and it's all extremely consistent. It'll begin to tally your reps and I thought that it was solid and reliable checking reps. When you're set, you can hit spare and begin doing another activity. It's as straightforward as that.

When you're done, you'll see a synopsis of exercise span alongside normal and most extreme pulse readings. I put it up against the optical pulse screen on the TomTom Spark running watch and the Polar H7 pulse screen chest tie and observed the readings to be to a great extent spot on. In case you're utilizing the run following mode, it shows indications of a battle getting a perusing straight away. In any case, for everything else, it's more than appropriate.

In the Coach mode, it's business as usual. Once you've adjusted an exercise from the application to the wristband, you're prepared to go. In this mode, you'll get a humming vibration to tell you you've effectively finished a set. You'll can likewise alter the heaviness of a dumbell or barbell in the event that you've really lifted progressively (or less) than the exercise recommended. In the event that there's an activity you don't extravagant, you can basically skip it. Once more, it had no issues perceiving the quantity of reps or the kind of activity.

Map book Wristband

Map book Wristband

Wareable may get a commission

Synchronizing information to the application can take somewhere in the range of 30 seconds to a moment. Everything is top notch, however what I truly feel it needed was some examination of shape and helping me comprehend the qualities and shortcomings in my procedure. It is decent to have a couple of more pre-constructed exercises, in spite of the fact that the custom alternative softens the blow.

To the extent battery life goes, the Atlas holds up truly well. There's a 120mAh battery inside that ought to be adequate for a hour long exercise multi day and ought to get you as the week progressed. That is sufficiently close what I found, in addition to there's a power saver mode you can change on to enable it to go somewhat more. It merits making sure to turn it off totally when you're not being used as the battery will deplete rapidly. All that's needed is over a hour to return to full power if it's absolutely level also.

Chart book Wristband

By Atlas

There's a great deal to like about the Atlas Wristband. Above all else, it conveys what it guarantees. The capacity to track an entire host of various activities so you can center around taking full advantage of your exercise. The application and the information it records is anything but difficult to process and not at all like the GymWatch, it won't feel like an overwhelming spot for rec center beginners. There's unquestionably opportunity to get better however and I'm speaking for the most part about the equipment. For $200, I'd expect something that didn't draw consideration for its awkward look. I certainly feel like more should be possible on investigating structure, yet perhaps that will come. It's a decent beginning stage and the most dependable rec center wearable I've utilized up until this point. On the off chance that Atlas keeps on enhancing the product, at that point possibly, quite possibly, I can look past that appalling plan.


Dependably perceives works out

Incredible free-form mode

Precisely checks reps


Massive, ghastly plan

Needs examination of activity shape

Screen has poor perceivability in brilliant light


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