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Checkout Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

One of our untouched most loved gaming headsets, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II completes an exceptional activity of flawlessly adjusting execution and cost. This headset is staggeringly agreeable to wear — notwithstanding for especially expanded gaming sessions — and conveys and transmits clear solid. It's not all that quite a bit of an issue to utilize and would be an extraordinary fit for most gamers — particularly those that are a bit on the more spending plan cognizant side and willing to take a slight hit in sound quality to spare some money.
Detachable microphones are nice  especially because you can replace them without investing in a new headset.

Contrast with Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results


This headset scored close to the highest point of the general gathering, completing directly behind the Razer Kraken and in front of the HyperX Cloud Stinger. The Kraken and the Cloud II are both similarly agreeable, yet the Kraken has marginally better stable quality. In any case, the Cloud II transmits sound somewhat superior to the Kraken, with voices sounding more practical and closer to how the individual really sounds. It scored somewhat superior to the Cloud Stinger, principally because of the way that it is a lot more agreeable.

Execution Comparison

To see which headsets are genuinely as well as can be expected get, we took a gander at handfuls and many diverse models, at that point chosen the 11 most encouraging contender to purchase and test next to each other. We contrasted how agreeable it is with wear every one, how music and voice sounded through every one, and how advantageous each gaming headset it to utilize. We weighted every one of these rating measurements corresponding to their general significance, utilizing the execution of the Cloud II in each gathering of tests to allot it a general score going from 0-100.

The Cloud II was a standout amongst the most agreeable headsets we tried.

The Cloud II was a standout amongst the most agreeable headsets we tried.


Representing 40% of the aggregate score for every one of these headsets, our arrangement of Comfort tests are by a wide margin the most imperative with regards to positioning every one of these items. The Cloud II is a standout amongst the most agreeable headsets that we have tried, acquiring it a 8 out of 10 for its brilliant execution no matter how you look at it in our solace tests.

Relatively each and every one of our solace analyzers was glad to wear this match of headsets for broadened timeframes — typically 10+ hours. Just a solitary analyzer didn't discover them sufficiently agreeable to wear for the entire day, yet at the same time was fine wearing them for 3-4 hours.

The Cloud II has different scores to get that flawless change.

The Cloud II has various scores to get that immaculate change.

The cushioning on the headband is secured with the leatherette and safely holds the headset set up, with no superfluous weight. The ear mugs utilize a semi-delicate cushioning material that adds to the general solace of the Cloud II. There is a tolerable measure of room for bigger ears, with the ear glasses estimating around 1.5" wide and somewhat more than 2.5" tall. The best part is that this headset incorporates two arrangements of ear containers — one canvassed in leatherette and one shrouded in velour, enabling you to coordinate the Cloud II to your own inclinations and make them much more agreeable.

We likewise especially preferred that there was a little froth cushion covering the speaker plate of every ear container, making them considerably more agreeable. The Cloud II is about normal as far as weight, barely short of 11 ounces and none of our analyzers observed it to be perceptibly substantial.

The Cloud II was a solid contender for having extraordinary sound.

The Cloud II was a solid contender for having extraordinary sound.


The Cloud II conveyed another solid appearing in our sound quality tests, winning a 7 out of 10 for its strong execution, placing it in the upper segment of the general gathering. This arrangement of tests represent 30% of the aggregate score for every headset.

This headset is sufficiently very much adjusted when tuning in to music, with a slight accentuation on the bass and treble tones. This gives an exceptionally immersive ordeal when gaming, yet vocals and voices can at times get somewhat lost with the marginally quelled mid-extend.

Our analyzers discovered it about normal to distinguish the area of in-diversion sounds when utilizing the Cloud II, misidentifying the area of a shooter or somebody strolling a bunch of times. In any case, this headset did with position when given a committed binaural chronicle in our benchmarking tests.

For our other benchmarking tests, the Cloud II conveyed a split execution, doing in the driver coordinating test yet just fair in the bass quality test. The recurrence remained focused completely through the range, however there was some parasitic buzz when the bass was played at the maximum. This headset additionally completes a phenomenal activity with voice quality, making voices sound consistent with life and particularly clear and straightforward. The Cloud II likewise completes a better than average employment of shutting out outer clamor, generally splitting the volume of ambient sounds or background noise.

Coming in noisy and clear!

Coming in noisy and clear!


Next, we proceeded onward to assessing the nature of the mouthpiece on every headset, which comprises 20% of the aggregate score for every item. The Cloud II proceeded with the pattern, conveying another fantastic execution and again completing in the upper piece of the gathering.

This model of gaming headset completes an extraordinary activity of catching voice and making it sound as practical as could be allowed. The discussion runs over completely clear with no buzz by any means. The main slight issue we found is that the voice sounds a little echoey — nearly as though you were talking in a huge room, similar to a carport. It isn't excessively sibilant on rehashed "S" sounds and doesn't overemphasize "T" or "P" sounds.

The Cloud II is extraordinary at getting our voice yet additionally others in a similar room.

The Cloud II is extraordinary at getting our voice, yet additionally others in a similar room.

The Cloud II's mouthpiece completes an average occupation of sifting through outside clamors, with gamers on the opposite end of the line neglecting to see on the off chance that we were running a fan or playing mood melodies on low, yet could hear on the off chance that we were eating or television or music was playing at direct to high volumes.

The in-line controls of the Cloud II.

The in-line controls of the Cloud II.


For the last 10% of the aggregate score, we took a gander at the fact that it is so natural to really utilize and set up the Cloud II. It completed out our tests with an average appearing, acquiring it a 6 out of 10.

This headset has inline controls and we appreciated that you can alter both the receiver volume and the headset volume, and also quiet the amplifier.

With the Cloud II you can rapidly modify the speaker and mic volume.

With the Cloud II you can rapidly modify the speaker and mic volume.

Be that as it may, you have to slide a somewhat little change to quiet the mic — making it very hard to rapidly quiet the mic. The Cloud II has a fairly long rope at 10.6 ft, giving you abundant space to move about while you are playing and still hear what is happening.

Separable receivers are pleasant particularly on the grounds that you can supplant them without putting resources into another headset.

Separable amplifiers are pleasant, particularly in light of the fact that you can supplant them without putting resources into another headset.

It has a separable link and mic, despite the fact that it doesn't have the ability to empower an amplifier sidetone.


Procuring the Best Buy Award, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II is a great gaming headset to consider when shopping on a financial plan and unwilling to make an excessive number of concessions with regards to execution.


While the Cloud II couldn't guarantee the general best score, it is as yet one of our total top picks with regards to these items. It did well in all cases, conveying an awesome execution at a far and away superior cost. While some different items have marginally better solid quality, these are joined by a noteworthy increment in value, making the Cloud II an immaculate decision on the off chance that you need the most value for the money.


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