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Checkout Microsoft Band review

The Microsoft Band has been out for about a large portion of a year, and it's at last advanced from US shores to the more extensive world.

With a great spec sheet that would match any of the enormous wellness tracker players, the Microsoft Band is a standout amongst the most fascinating gadgets we've assessed.
Microsoft Band

Cost when surveyed:


Pipe dream? Read our full audit to discover…

Microsoft Band: Design and assemble

Affirm, how about we get this off the beaten path now and we can proceed onward. The Microsoft Band is an outright monster. It's about the chunkiest movement tracker we've attempted on and, truly, in the event that you believe you will be rest following with this creature on your wrist – reconsider.

It is anything but a moderate irritator the same number of wellness trackers can be, it's awkward appropriate from the off. That is a result of the state of the thing. The best part, where the screen sits on the front and the attractive charging catch on the back, is totally level, with not a bend in locate until the point that you hit the ties.

While Microsoft's item symbolism indicates individuals wearing it like a watch, it's really intended to sit within the wrist. In any case, both ways were cripplingly awkward, and this was upheld up by everybody we compelled to attempt it.

It really damages to wear, even freely.

Microsoft Band survey

You can see the issue. We've been trying the Microsoft Band nearby the Sony SmartBand Talk, and we've likewise been wearing the phenomenal Garmin Vivosmart starting late as well. Both of these opponents have some type of ebb and flow behind their show so they sit a normally on your wrist. With the Band, you'll discover holes at the edges where it broadens outwards hunting down its first trace of a curve.

Indeed, there are three distinct sizes on offer and truly, the movable catch is really great – yet regardless you'll battle to get a fit that feels right. It's a ludicrous plan and the substantial pulse sensor and whatever equipment it is Microsoft have stuffed into the internal parts of the tie (which dive into the sides of your wrist) don't help either.

Indeed, even the physical catches – one a backup one and one that enacts preset capacities – feel off-base. For what reason would they say they are so huge and for what reason would they say they are so inconvenient?

To state the Microsoft Band looks and feels surged is putting it mildly. Its plan is essentially horrendous – a stage back so as to a shocking wearable tech period – and, if the look and feel of your wearable is imperative to you (and it ought to be), stay away well.

Microsoft Band: Display

The show is a capacitive 1.4-inch (11mm x 33mm) TFT full shading touchscreen one, with a goals of 320 x 106. While clear and sufficiently brilliant, it's not really eye-popping like the Samsung Gear S and its 2-inch bended Super AMOLED show and it additionally lingers behind the likewise shape considered Samsung Gear Fit in the show stakes too.

You'd have figured Microsoft would have pushed the screen stakes in any case, as the gadget is under $200, we'll assume the best about them. All things considered, regardless it'll give you a lot of information and improves any semblance of the Fitbit Charge HR and the Jawbone UP3 by offering some virtual visuals in a hurry.

Microsoft Band audit

On screen, it looks, well, Windowsy. There's a comparative Microsoft tile based UI that you would have gone over on your PC, or your Xbox – and it's a setup that loans itself really well on the thin show.

Swiping left to right feels characteristic and penetrating down into the tiles for more data doesn't frustrate, as Microsoft has brought a great part of the vibe of Windows Phone to the gathering, so the text styles and designs are really wash.

Microsoft Band: GPS and sensors

We began with the awful (outline), we simply hit on the alright (show), so how about we currently get down to the immense: GPS availability incorporated ideal with the Band, so there's no compelling reason to bear your cell phone with you so as to precisely record and guide your runs.

This is a strong move from Microsoft and for the wellness band industry all in all – despite the fact that the Polar M400 obscures the line between action following and run recording with its GPS sensor and the Sony SmartWatch 3 is the principal Android Wear smartwatch pressing GPS abilities.

Be that as it may, neither the Jawbone UP3 or the Fitbit Charge HR have GPS network so Microsoft has certainly hit upon a champ with its incorporation in its presentation wellness band.

Microsoft Band survey

Luckily, the GPS functions admirably. Despite the fact that the Band is US just for the time being (and even the application isn't in fact accessible outside of the States) we had no try locking onto a GPS satellite in snappy time in the UK and could track runs precisely when contrasted specifically with the Adidas miCoach Smart Run.

Wareable guide: The best GPS running watch

An expression of caution however – the Microsoft Band inquires as to whether you need to begin your run while it looks for GPS. Try not to do it. Not exclusively will the primary moment of your run be erroneously followed, this mode likewise appears spoil the GPS sensor as we continued losing our flag – something that didn't occur when we bolted on before starting a followed run.

Like the Intel Basis Peak and the Fitbit Charge pair, there is day in and day out pulse checking on load up because of the (monstrous) optical pulse sensor and you can rapidly swipe to perceive what your BPM perusing is whenever.

There's likewise an UV screen for surveying whether you have to apply some sunscreen or not, and the sensor registration proceeds with a 3-hub accelerometer, a gyrometer, a surrounding light sensor, a skin temperature sensor and a galvanic skin reaction sensor.

Microsoft Band: Activity following

Essential wellness following on the Microsoft Band is great – if not splendid. Regarding exactness, the progression counter was on the cash, if a bit more liberal than Garmin Vivosmart and, obviously, you'll get a calorie consume figuring in view of this, your movement and the individual information you contribution to the application – a greater amount of that later.

Wareable guide: Best wellness trackers you can purchase

The rest following gives key measurements, for example, span of rest, your proficiency rate (time invested dozing isolated by add up to energy), how often you woke up, what number of calories you consumed while dozing, the amount of your rest was 'tranquil' and what your pulse was. That is whether you figure out how to get the chance to lay down with the world's most awkward wellness band on your wrist.

You can see essential details on the gadget itself, either by hopping into the proper tile, or by changing the view on the homescreen however for more detail you'll have to hit up the application.

Microsoft Band: Workouts and preparing

A trump card for the new wellness tracker is the guided exercises that are incorporated appropriate with the Band. This implies projects and exercises from any semblance of Gold's Gym, Shape and Men's Fitness with practice prompts on the band and additional information in the application.

To complete an exercise essentially select a program you're keen on utilizing the application and bar it over to the Band. There's an extensive variety of exercises and games on offer, in spite of the fact that it is each of the somewhat manual and essential.

exhibition imagegallery picture


Your Band won't converse with you, it will just reveal to you that you ought to complete 25 seconds of squats for instance – you'll have to continue looking at it to perceive what you ought to do and nothing is naturally identified as far as your development.

The running application is additionally essential – however does the activity for an easygoing sprinter. Try not to expect any rhythm, rise or interim information – yet you will get a GPS course of your guide, with hues showing your speed, and the gadget itself will give constant data, for example, remove, pace, split occasions and pulse. The Microsoft Health application – which we'll come to in a bit – will likewise give you a recommended recuperation time.

Microsoft Band: Smartphone notices

There's no introducing additional applications with the Microsoft Band – what you see is the thing that you get – in spite of the fact that you can play around with what you see, tile-wise, utilizing the gadget itself or the application.

There's approaching call cautions, content warnings, email and date-book updates and online life alarms from Facebook and Twitter. There's no outsider help in that capacity yet you can turn on a 'Warnings Center' tile to have each and every message transferred on your Band.
Fundamental perusing: Fitbit Surge specs, discharge date, cost

So in the event that you need WhatsApp cautions, for instance, you'll need this tile appearing. Know however you'll likewise get all the general notice bumph appearing from your telephone too with this tile on – stuff like battery alarms, framework refreshes et cetera.

On the off chance that you live in the US and are shaking a Windows Phone, you'll additionally have the capacity to take advantage of the pleasures of Cortana – in spite of the fact that we need to admit to not having the capacity to test this element here in Blighty.

Microsoft Band: Microsoft Health application

Microsoft Band audit

Microsoft has played an ace card by influencing the Microsoft To band perfect with Android and iOS, and also Windows Phone – by method for the Microsoft Health application.

Like the endeavors we've seen rise up out of Mountain View and Cupertino, Microsoft Health will endeavor to be a one-stop-search for all your wellbeing and wellness information; attracting data from the new Microsoft Band, as well as from outsider equipment and applications too.

Basic reading:Google Fit v Apple Health

For the time being, it's truly fundamental and basically goes about as a customary wellness tracker application – demonstrating chronicled information and graphical portrayals of everything its matched gadget is recording.

Accomplices, for example, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Jawbone and MyFitnessPal are now going to play a part with Microsoft Health and the organization is arranging further coordinated efforts, however it does especially feel like a work in advance – but a significant promising one.

Microsoft Band: Battery life

Microsoft is expressing two days battery life for the Band and you'll get that… insofar as you kill the watch mode. On the off chance that you need your Band to disclose to you the time, don't expect even multi day's life from Microsoft's new toy. Also, in the event that you go for even a short keep running with GPS on, prepare your charger for when you return home.

Like most wearables, you require a different extra to charge; the Microsoft Band ships with an attractive clasp USB link and a full-charge is really brisk – well inside two hours.

The Band is sprinkle and sweat confirmation, yet not water safe, so no swimming information can be recorded and you shouldn't wear it in the shower.

Microsoft Band

By Microsoft

Regarding plan the Microsoft Band is a thick mammoth, best case scenario and an outright affront to the wearable tech development even under the least favorable conditions. We get the inclination that Microsoft thinks more about getting its product onto whatever number frameworks as would be prudent than it does about winning an equipment fight and sees the Band as an early, and shoddy, method for increasing some ground. Be that as it may, GPS is a major in addition to point and the wellness following, while fundamental, functions admirably enough. all day, every day pulse observing is likewise pivotal and, with a gadget offering for under $200 that additionally brags a good, if unspectacular, shading touchscreen show – Microsoft's freshest wearable isn't all awful. We'd love to stamp it higher – the list of capabilities and the tech on board, joined with that sticker price are great – however we can't look past the way that, as a wearable, it bombs on a central level… in that it's not wearable by any means.


GPS for precise run following

Clear, shading show

Cell phone notices


It looks terrible

It feels terrible

Battery life is poor


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