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With regards to all-activity multisport outside watches, the alternatives are, well, costly. The Garmin Fenix 3 – destined to be Fenix 5 – is the champion boss, with any semblance of Suunto not far behind, yet hope to spread out in abundance of $500.
TomTom Adventurer

Enter the TomTom Adventurer. An all-activity sports watch made in the form of Wareable most loved the TomTom Spark 3, yet opened up for all way of outside exercises, for example, trail running, climbing and skiing, and in addition running and cycling.

Cost when inspected:


At $349 it's not really little change, yet it's a huge change over the opposition, for those hoping to hit the inclines and nature this season. Yet, does it coordinate Garmin et al regarding information, flexibility and life span? We tried the TomTom Adventurer crosswise over three landmasses to discover.

TomTom Adventurer: Design

TomTom Adventurer audit

We've bludgeoned sports watches in the past for being relatively unwearable amid the day, however we'll save our reactions with the Adventurer. While it's unashamedly plastic and lively, we burrowed the orange lash and compliment outline, and however despite everything we wouldn't destroy it to supper, it really conveyed some identity.

It's extremely light as well, which is an or more finished any semblance of the Fenix 3. It doesn't measure considerably more than a fundamental running watch. The watch module flies out of the tie for charging, and clasps back in safely.

You explore the watch's menus by means of the four-path catch under the screen, which empowers you to skim between the watch's alternatives, settings and preparing modes. It's entirely simple to explore and all in all, exceptionally instinctive. There are two or three niggly grievances still, similar to the manner in which you have to fundamentally begin a hurried to see the battery life and how you don't get a synopsis of an exercise until the point that you locate the dark history list (once more, you have to begin a run). Be that as it may, the four-way catch rolls out it simple to improvement information see mid-run, it's snappy to actualize genuinely complex interim sessions, and it doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you have sweat-soaked hands, or gloves on.

TomTom Adventurer: Features

TomTom Adventurer survey

Similarly as with most multisport watches, the TomTom Adventurer is pretty component rich. We will assess the distinctive games in more profundity underneath, however there are committed modes for running, cycling, climbing, skiing/snowboarding, trail running, indoor cycling/running and standard open exercises.

That is not exactly as entire as the Fenix, which included paddleboarding and an entire host of arbitrary games, yet remember that a significant number of those modes are essentially just GPS and pulse information with no game particular measurements.

All things considered, we missed a kayaking/paddling mode when we took to the water on vacation, so we might want to see more games provided food for. We simply stuck the watch into climbing mode.

And also GPS information, the TomTom Adventurer includes a pulse screen on the underside, and a flock of different sensors. The accelerometer works for throughout the day action following, which is shown on the watch, demonstrating steps, separation and calories. The pulse information isn't utilized here for throughout the day resting pulse and more itemized calorific consume, which is a disgrace. We additionally found that the watch didn't store a mess of information without synchronizing – we endured a group of missing dates in India when we couldn't match up the look for a long time, which is something to know about.

There are additionally air sensors including a gauge, which adds height information to climbing and skiing modes.

Be that as it may, the TomTom Adventurer has a trap up its sleeve. Notwithstanding every one of the games following, its course investigation mode offers an authentic motivation to observe. This mode empowers you to transfer GPX courses to the watch by means of the TomTom web application, which you would then be able to take after on the watch.

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That may sound a bit excessively progressed for a few, however the advantages are unmistakable. We made running courses in Strava (a wonderful device for finding well known trails and evading slopes) at that point added them to the TomTom and tailed them effectively. One course was a 12-mile keep running crosswise over London from work to home, around streets we'd never have explored something else.

It additionally gives you a chance to exploit a portion of the splendid strolling courses you can uncover on the web. We wish we'd had the Adventurer with us on a past climb at Glencoe in Scotland, as we endeavored to take after an excellent and lesser-known trail where the way had blurred underneath a cover of heather and gorse. Including GPX is a genuine distinct advantage for climbers, sprinters and cyclists alike, and a standout amongst other motivations to stout for an Adventurer.

The main terror with this component is the need to adjust the compass. This includes some somewhat irregular arm-washing, which we found somewhat unstable. We additionally found the TomTom Adventurer irritatingly ease back to get a bolt on to GPS.

Obviously, another huge advantage is the expansion of coordinated music tuning in, and you get 3GB of capacity and the capacity to match remote earphones. Like the Spark, it's a little fiddly to get your earphones matched, and our Jabra buds took some work. The authority TomTom earphones are a fantasy to combine, however our own pressed in before long.

Also, a word on battery life. It's vigorously subject to your action, yet we found around 10 long stretches of movement following, five long stretches of GPS following and more than 14 long stretches of climbing.

TomTom Adventurer: Hiking

TomTom Adventurer audit

As a climbing watch, the TomTom Adventurer completes a heavenly activity. You can get a guide of your heading in case you're not utilizing a pre-stacked GPX course, and in spite of the fact that this went astray on one climb in South India, that was an issue with the previously mentioned adjustment, and different strolls were impeccably mapped.

You can see information on remove, term, pace, rise picked up and slid and pulse amid the walk. You additionally get a live compass, which is extremely valuable in case you're following a decent out-dated paper guide, and you can exploit GPX transfers here, as well.

What's more, it's that utilization of GPX transfers for climbing which for our cash improves it a purchase than past most loved the Garmin Fenix 3. While you get the same nitty gritty information there, the capacity to transfer a mobile course and guarantee you're adhering to it is a major ordeal for no-nonsense drifters. We adored it.

Obviously, the key thing you'll need to make sure of is battery life. TomTom claims 24 long periods of battery when climbing, however we don't know you get that in all actuality. You'll positively get an entire day's strolling, however you should need to figure out how to juice up in case you're on a multi-day trail.

TomTom Adventurer: Running and cycling

TomTom Adventurer audit

As enthusiastic sprinters, the TomTom Adventurer expected to stack up here. The watch highlights two running modes, and we were satisfied to see a possibility for trails also.

As you'd expect, running modes are tore from the TomTom Spark 3, and that is a shrewd decision. The Spark 3 is an extraordinary running watch, and this implies the Adventurer exceeds expectations, as well. Right off the bat, you get every one of the information you require on the simple to-peruse screen, and we've never had any exactness issues.

In running modes you can cycle between live pace, normal pace, separate, time, pulse and pulse zone. In the event that you pick a trail run, you can include rise details too. It's an incredible blend of highlights that is well spread out and simple to peruse.

Cyclists get speed rather than pace, and rising points of interest too.

And keeping in mind that the TomTom application and biological community is presently much enhanced – more on that right away – it's anything but difficult to interface the Adventurer to Strava, so what more do you require?
The rough open air GPS watch is surely sufficiently agreeable to wear throughout the day for day in and day out action following, including pulse, rest details, steps, and so on. Furthermore, the expansion of the gauge implies that in ski and snowboard modes you get measurements like slope and height change notwithstanding things like most extreme speed and separation. Other than the solidness of the catch, which we found somewhat hard to navigate our gloves and took one more moment or two to utilize in light of the fact that were taking them off, we found the Adventurer easy to set up and use in snowboard mode.

The ski and snowboard following functions admirably; simply be cautioned that the battery depletes all the more immediately when utilizing sports modes, so you ought to be completely charged on the off chance that you need to track an entire day on the inclines. GPS get is quick also, normally just pausing for a moment or so to prepare for following.

TomTom Adventurer audit

It's so light and agreeable that it's anything but difficult to turn it on toward the start of the day and forget about it. That might be the reason the programmed lift discovery naturally alarms you and influences the watch to buzz when you're in the seat, so you can make sure to look down and see your details from the past run streak on the screen. It gives a depiction of your last run, including greatest speed, separation of plummet in meters and steepest slope.

The course investigation include likewise enables you to impart your climb or ride to a document that your companions can download to their gadget and use to follow your course, in light of directions. In spite of the fact that that component is for the most part pertinent for climbers, it's a solid match for off-piste skiers and snowboarders too.

TomTom Adventurer: Heart rate exactness

TomTom Adventurer audit

Chest lash (l) and TomTom (r): Two MHRs of 191, 2bpm separated more than 4 miles

For no-nonsense coaches, pulse is principal and we're satisfied to report phenomenal exactness crosswise over enduring and high-force runs. Normal paces were bolted onto our Garmin chest tie and the Jabra Sport Pulse SE buds that aced our tests a year ago.

In addition, tops in pulse were likewise precisely spoken to, and showed rapidly onto the gadget progressively. That exhibits a strong sensor as well as slack free usage, which makes it exceptionally usable for those concentrating on biometrics as a major aspect of their preparation.

TomTom keeps on being our pick of the optical pulse edit.

TomTom Adventurer: The application

TomTom Adventurer survey

One of our enormous bogeymen with TomTom gadgets has been the biological system, and we've saved particular reactions for the horrendous cell phone application. All things considered, those issues have been tended to, and the new application is a major change.

Right off the bat, matching up is presently considerably speedier and less demanding – that was the greatest issue. What's more, now there's a superior and clearer blend of exercise and movement information inside the application. We're likewise devotees of the bits of investigation, which demonstrate when you're working out preferred or more awful over your midpoints.

Be that as it may, for genuine exercises we're still significantly more prone to see and break down them in Strava, which is the best in the business, for our cash. Be that as it may, that is no slight on TomTom's new application, which is not any more a dark detriment for purchasing a gadget, and that is a critical change.

TomTom Adventurer

By TomTom

The TomTom Adventurer is a magnificent and adaptable multisport watch with not too bad battery life and spot-on exactness. In any case, the detail is the place TomTom truly inspires. The trail investigation highlight is a gigantic trump card for TomTom, and added to the music player and spot on pulse precision, it makes for a splendid watch at a noteworthy cost.


Incredible cost

GPX courses on observe

Precise HR


Interface still fiddly

No post-exercise outlines

Not all that up-to-date


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