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Helinox Chair Zero

The Avalanche Beacons Review

What is the best heavy slide manage for the boondocks? To find we took 14 top models and put them through intensive down to business tests in the Cascades, Sierras, and Alaska. We had novices test them to see which ones were slightest requesting to learn and use; by then we put them in the hands of avowed AMGA and ACMG ski guides, heavy slide forecasters, and arranged exuberant slide course teachers to see which reference focuses they supported most. We attempted them in both single and different internment circumstances and took off to a football field to check their range and distinctive features. Despite whether you're a crisp out of the plastic new backcountry sweetheart or an industry ace scanning for another heavy slide flag, we have a proposition for you.
Ian Nicholson testing an 3+ in the fine search.

We've revived our heavy slide flag review to experiment with some fresher models, like the Pieps DPS Pro Ice and Micro, and the Arva Axio. While our Editors' Choice champ proceeds as previously, we have some new recommendations for experienced customers and fledglings alike.

Range: 70-95 meters | Battery life: 300 hours

Longest range in the overview

Option to unflag heretofore checked reference focuses

Astonishing for capable level examinations


More hard to use than others

Not equipped towards less experienced customers

The Mammut Barryvox S is our best as a rule scorer and victor of our OutdoorGearLab Editors' Choice Award. The Barryvox S is the more up and coming type of our more settled respect champ, the Mammut Pulse Barryvox. The more present Barryvox S shares countless Pulse's best features while upgrading the couple of drawbacks. The most extraordinary change was speed while moving closer than 10 meters and especially in the fine chase while segmenting. With the more prepared Pulse, you expected to move hardly slower than other first class models and would get a stop sign in case you moved too snappy.

Regardless, there is no such speed limit on this new frame. All in all, the new Barryvox scored the best or among the best in each class and is a top notch all-around heavy slide reference point. The Barryvox S is similarly more straightforward to use for amateurs than the more prepared Pulse, yet it has various features and limits that a fledgling customer will most likely never abuse. Or maybe, the Barryvox S is the best for midway and pushed customers, and virtuoso's who will abuse its various features and its decision ability to manage the most complex diverse internment defend circumstances.

Read review: Mammut Barryvox S

Best Bang for the Buck

Boondocks Access Tracker 2

Best Buy Award


at MooseJaw

See It

Range: 50 meters | Battery life: 250 hours

Most clear to use and greatly instinctual

Unfathomable regard

Doesn't fill in likewise for different burials

Underneath ordinary range

The Backcountry Access (BCA) Tracker 2 remains among the most clear and fastest decision for fledgling and direct customers — it's so far insidious speedy for forefront customers. It's lightning quick at finding a lone setback, which is the most basic thing an exuberant slide flag needs to do. While it doesn't have any of the further created features of some extraordinary things, the Tracker 2 serves by a wide margin the greater part of customers to an awesome degree well.

If you like the Tracker 2 yet wish it had a hailing/stamping feature, take a gander at the Tracker 3 or the Pieps DSP Sport, which could move nearly as quick and were close as natural, and both at a respectable cost. The Arva Evo4 was in like manner a strong contender for this respect and recreations a hailing feature, yet our analyzers watched it to be conceivably simply more troublesome in the midst of the segmenting stage stood out from the Tracker 2.

Read study: Backcountry Access Tracker 2

Top Pick for Value for Advanced Users

Pieps DSP Pro

Top Pick Award


at Amazon

See It

Range: 60 meters | Battery life: 400 hours

Incredible range and a fast processor, great hailing feature

Longest battery life in our study

Battery life demonstrate uses thirds, not a rate

A little on the enormous side and feels gigantic in a pants stash

The Pieps DSP Pro is a champion among the most extraordinary models in our review at a to a great degree forceful cost. It has practically identical limits, work decisions, range, and processor speed to most of interchange reference focuses that cost $50-70 more. Thus, it is one of our Top Picks for best a motivation for additionally created customers. Esteem aside, the DSP Pro remains one of our most adored all things considered models and we love that it is so normal to use.

The Pro has an astonishing decision of further created features, like a repeat check, channel limit and unprecedented contrasted with other all around various internment works that handles complex various loss burials greatly. We do envision that for a lot of customers the Pro offers a greater number of limits than by far most need, and they should consider the Pieps DSP Sport. It's also vital that the Pieps DSP Ice is to an incredible degree near (skirting on vague), set something aside for its undeniable plastic hotel and an indistinctly higher cost ($450).

Read review: Pieps DSP Pro

Top Pick for All-Around Beacon Between $300-$400

Backcountry Access Tracker3

Backcountry Access (BCA) Tracker 3 exuberant slide beacon. Top Pick Award


at Amazon

See It

Range: 50 meters | Battery life: 250 hours

Speedy processor which surpasses desires in the fine request

Limited and light arrangement which fits easily in a pants stash

Typical show screen

Confined different internment convenience

The smooth looking Backcountry Access Tracker3 is the latest of the Tracker family. Like its relatives, it's astonishing at finding a single loss and makes separating in the midst of fine request astoundingly straightforward, which is charming in light of the way this is the place most of rescuers fight the most. The Tracker3 takes the accommodation and to a great degree snappy processor speed and incorporates a group of features went for front line customers: a banner camouflage/stamping limit and the best all around stash riding triple radio wire reference point accessible. We delighted in nearly most of the Tracker3's features, (especially its BP or Big Picture limit) and its control decisions. We cherished the precision of the banner disguise/stamping limit anyway couldn't have cared less for that the covering continued for one minute. After that one minute, it comes back to regular, looking for where the rescuer is facilitated to the closest guide, paying little regard to which one that is.

While less of an issue in bona fide settings, we in like manner didn't love that the Tracker3 can simply cover one banner at some random minute; in case you attempt to smother a second, it settles the first. This takes to some degree more practice for proficient level examinations and is huge as it is one of a kind in connection to whatever is left of the business. Everything considered, the Tracker3 remains a gifted, especially brisk model that has a bit of the handiness needed by additionally created customers. The Arva Neo and Mammut Barryvox, both at $350, were solid contenders for this respect and our review assemble found it a troublesome decision between these three stunning options.

Read review: Backcountry Access Tracker3

Remarkably Capable for Pros and Advanced Users

Arva Axio

Top Pick Award


at Amazon

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Range: 60 meters| Battery life: 250 hours

Fantastic features for different burials

Basic mode helps with little scale strip chasing

To some degree enormous for passing on in your pocket

The interface is unusual, and it's slower than other best models in fine chase

The Arva Axio is a top notch heavy slide motion for additionally created customers and is worth idea by those in the market for this sort of handset. The Axio's exceptional, extra long wrinkle out third gathering device isolates movements in proximity internments. This, notwithstanding an ability to flip through signs, close by a basic part that lets its customer scaled down scale strip look when troublesome circumstances emerge, make it exceptional among different aides for front line customers and stars to help oversee complex conditions or ensure examinations.

All things considered, the Axio was one of the hardest reference focuses to frustrate, and miss-checked/miss-hailed signals the base close by the Barryvox S. This model offers a couple of remarkable settings in each one of its ability to really consider the customers' needs. The one thing for all the more juvenile customers who are considering this reference point is that the Axio's directional jolts vanish at 3m as opposed to 2m. While this is a very little refinement, we saw that more student customers normally require fairly more practice with it in the midst of the segmenting stage than with models whose jolts vanished at 2m. More experienced customers experienced little trouble with this.

Range: 50 meters| Battery life: 20 hours

Awesome hailing highlight and instinctive plan

Preferable execution over others in the fine hunt

Battery life shows in thirds, making it hard to measure life expectancy

The change is hard to work with gloves on

The Pieps DSP Sport was previously our Best Buy grant champ when it used to cost $275. Presently valued at $320, it's as yet a rad reference point for what is as yet a decent cost, however it faces much more rivalry in the mid-$300 value run. All things considered, despite everything we believe it's a standout amongst the most fit reference points at its cost, and it was one of our most loved by and large items we tried for its usability and lightning speedy processor.

We additionally surmise that 80% of individuals should probably purchase the DSP Sport over the DSP Pro since they'll never utilize the further developed highlights and should spare the cash and purchase a more pleasant scoop. 

Read audit: Pieps DSP Sport 

Best Model for Budget-Hunters 

ARVA Evo4 


at Amazon 

See It 

Range: 40 meters | Battery life: 250 hours 

Simple to use with an instinctive plan 

Gathering check work 

Excessively massive to wear in your jeans take 

Lower extend than different models 

The Arva Evo4 was a solid contender for our Best Buy grant, as it was the minimum costly torrential slide signal ($290) to highlight hailing/checking highlights. It's less demanding to utilize and faster than its forerunner, the Evo3+, and is better than expected for processor speed among the more spending plan well disposed reference points in our audit. 

It's underneath normal range, and cumbersome lodging are what barely shielded it from being our Best Buy grant champ. Our analyzers likewise didn't love its old-school connect it to-turn-it-on plan, however it remains a simple to utilize and reliable alternative for people searching for a strong model on a financial plan. 

Read survey: Arva Evo4 

Contrast select up with 5 items 

Score Product Price Our Take 


Mammut Barryvox S 


Editors' Choice Award 

Ideal for professionals or propelled clients, this model is extraordinary compared to other performing items in each classification. 


Pieps DSP Pro Ice 


A solid contender for our Editors' Choice honor, this strong reference point does nearly everything with heaps of valuable highlights. 


Pieps DSP Pro 


Top Pick Award 

One of our survey groups most loved all-around signals, simple enough to use for beginners yet sufficiently able for experienced clients and professionals. 


Boondocks Access Tracker3 

Boondocks Access (BCA) Tracker 3 torrential slide signal. 


Top Pick Award 

An awesome all-around signal that consolidates convenience in a littler than normal bundle. 


Arva Axio 


Top Pick Award 

Intended for cutting edge clients or professionals, it's truly outstanding for different internments with its long third reception apparatus, simple capacity and capacity to flip through signs. 


Ortovox S1+ 


This guide is a standout amongst the most able signals out there and highlights an absolutely one of a kind outline in that it doesn't take after the customary bend of the motion line and rather computes them and takes its client straight to the covered casualty. 


Mammut Barryvox 


Has better range and unrivaled numerous entombment abilities while as yet being genuinely fast in the fine inquiry. 


Pieps Micro 

Pieps Micro 


Utilizing a closeness sensor, the Micro consequently switches between Sending while stowed to seeking when its not - likewise the lightest and most minimal guide as of now out there. 


Pieps DSP Sport 


This model has every one of the highlights that most backwoods clients are searching for, incredible speed, and a natural outline - all while coming in at an underneath normal cost. 


Arva Neo 

Arva Neo 


This guide is simple enough to use for amateurs yet sufficiently competent for an expert. 


Backwoods Access Tracker 2 


Best Buy Award 

Among the speediest models as of now out there, this model is a straightforward plan that exceeds expectations at a signal's main activity - finding a solitary covered reference point. 


ARVA Evo4 


A standout amongst other models at the cost; a reasonable triple reception apparatus signal that was among the simplest to utilize and the most natural. 


Ortovox 3+ 


A simple to utilize reference point with instinctive showcases help keep it basic amid what is likely an exceptionally upsetting circumstance, anyway just so-so fine inquiry execution and normal speed shielded this signal from scoring higher. 


Ortovox Zoom+ 

Ortovox Zoom+ 


Reference point is anything but difficult to utilize yet has a short range and no hailing highlight. 

Investigation and Test Results 

Beneath we separate the criteria we utilized for assessment and present a couple of key snippets of data with respect to torrential slide signals. Other than certifiable applications, we likewise played out a progression of next to each other tests to look at go, processor speed, hailing/checking highlights, battery life and the sky is the limit from there. 

Another round of next to each other testing and examinations. 

Another round of next to each other testing and examinations. 

Ever think about how torrential slide reference points function? Look at our How To Choose the Best Avalanche Beacon article on signal basics and current innovation, notwithstanding purchasing counsel on key highlights and fundamental components to consider. 

On the off chance that you are heading into the backwoods, look at our Avalanche Airbag Review. Airbag packs aren't as fundamental as a torrential slide reference point, yet they altogether increment your possibility of surviving a torrential slide (it's an extremely sweet audit). 

Going in the boondocks in the winter can be a stunning knowledge anyway dissimilar to a ski zone the danger of being gotten in a torrential slide isn't relieved by bombs or ski watch. Great basic leadership is essential to not getting captured and you ought to ALWAYS wear a signal "in the event that something goes wrong" whenever you are going in or around torrential slide landscape. Photograph Colin Zacharias getting a charge out of some low-thickness snow of Alta Vista close Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Going in the boondocks in the winter can be a stunning background, in any case, dissimilar to a ski territory, the danger of being gotten in a torrential slide isn't moderated by bombs or ski watch. Great basic leadership is essential to not getting captured and you ought to ALWAYS wear a reference point "in the event that something goes wrong" whenever you are going in or around torrential slide territory. Photograph Colin Zacharias getting a charge out of some low-thickness snow of Alta Vista close Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. 


We've utilized each model in an assortment of settings, putting every one to a definitive test. Our armada incorporates the most costly, and we feature Top Picks for particular clients. We likewise feature models that are neighborly on your wallet, so you're ready to see the most elevated an incentive at the best cost. We've fused our diagram beneath and need to say that the contenders in the base right demonstrate the best esteem. 


Speed, alongside simplicity of finding a solitary casualty, is the most vital factor you ought to consider when acquiring a signal. While all the cool additional highlights are rad and simple to center around, speed and simplicity of finding a covered signal ought to be your most grounded contemplations. Our speed classification estimated how quick we could discover a casualty with a given reference point, all the way. While speed considers a few different classes we utilized in our criteria for assessment, speed has its very own portion, the most critical being processor speed, managing both a solitary internment and numerous entombments, and various internments in nearness. To test speed, we thought about each of the 13 items next to each other more than a few days with well more than 200 tests performed. We likewise let everybody, from relative fledglings to prepared ski aides and torrential slide experts, test them to get an expansive understanding into every contender's execution. At last, the quickest entertainers weren't generally the most costly nor the most component rich choices. Truth be told, we found a few of the more mind boggling models to be somewhat slower than their more essential partners. 

The models we observed to be the most lightning snappy as a result of their processor speed were the BCA Tracker 2 and Tracker3, the Arva Neo, the Pieps DSP Pro, DSP Ice, and Micro alongside the Mammut Barryvox S and more fundamental Barryvox. The Ortovox S1+, Arva Evo4, and Arva Axio were only a touch slower. We were somewhat frustrated with the first Tracker DTS. This model did approve yet was not as snappy as other "straightforward" reference points. 

The simplicity of finding a solitary casualty is the most essential yet most critical capacity of any guide. Photograph: Side-by-side testing in Mt. Rainier National Park. 

The simplicity of finding a solitary casualty is the most fundamental however most essential capacity of any reference point. Photograph: Side-by-side testing in Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Simplicity of Finding a Single Victim 

Finding a solitary casualty is the most fundamental, yet, the most imperative thought while picking a torrential slide reference point; in our scoring, we weighted this class the most vigorously. We put such a great amount of accentuation on this classification on the grounds that factually 85% of the time rescuers are looking for a solitary entombment. The other 15% of the time where different individuals are covered, rescuers won't have the assets to separate and overcome and will probably be concentrating the majority of their exertion on one casualty at any given moment. Also, we considered the "convenience," considering the effortlessness and usefulness of the interface, the controls, and the preparing speed.

The Barryvox S is one of just a couple of models that advises its client to pivot on the off chance that they have gone too far. It shows the "U" molded bolt appeared here when you have overshot your check. 

The Barryvox S is one of just a couple of models that advises its client to pivot on the off chance that they have gone too far. It shows the "U" molded bolt appeared here when you have overshot your stamp. 

Another noteworthy factor we mulled over when looking at the changed models was the manner by which well each reference point managed flag spikes. The majority of the three recieving wires models performed well, while the more established or more affordable twofold or single reception apparatus outlines, similar to the more seasoned Tracker DTS, had their inadequacies. 

Interface and Controls 

How simple and natural the controls and interface were had an immediate connection with how quick rescuers discovered reference points, both master, and fledgling alike. Alongside the UI are the real controls that assistance you explore through menus, go from Send to Search, and banner a covered guide. 

Ian Nicholson testing a 3+ in the fine inquiry. 

Ian Nicholson testing a 3+ in the fine inquiry. 

Our most loved controls for straightforward models were on the BCA Tracker 2 and the Ortovox Zoom+. The two models have natural and clear controls that are straightforward and work. While they don't have any of the more mind boggling highlights, similar to a hailing highlight, or choices on different capacities, both are pass on the simplest to utilize. Of the mid-level multifaceted nature models, alluding to models that had an inquiry and send highlight and hailing/stamping capacity, the Arva Evo4, Arva Neo, Ortovox 3+, and the Pieps DSP Sport, were shockingly straightforward and instinctive to utilize. Among the most complex models, we enjoyed the UI and controls of both the Ortovox S1+, the Mammut Barryvox S, and the Arva Axio. 

The fine hunt is the last phase of seeking and it's the place most less rehearsed or fledgling clients sit around idly or blow it by and large. This is additionally one of the regions where we watched the biggest distinction in the viability of the diverse models. Analyzer Ian Nicholson with an Arva Neo. 

The fine inquiry is the last phase of seeking and it's the place most less rehearsed or fledgling clients sit around idly or blow it through and through. This is additionally one of the territories where we watched the biggest distinction in the viability of the diverse models. Analyzer Ian Nicholson with an Arva Neo. 


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