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These Hiking Pants are Good for Men

Nothing beats some quality climbing pants for multi day, week, or even multi month or more out on the trails. To enable you to locate the best combine for your climbing experience, we examined more than 70 of the best matches accessible available today, in the end choosing the 12 best combines for consideration in this relative audit. We directed broad hands-on testing of these jeans in different seasons and areas, including the Colorado Rockies, Pacific Northwest, and the Utah Desert, all so we could suggest the best matches for your requirements. Not exclusively did we climb broadly in each match, yet we likewise wore these jeans while shake climbing, working outside, hanging out on the town, and going around the nation and world, all so we could present to you the best point of view on which combine to purchase. Regardless of whether you require another match for sweltering climate or cool, dry atmospheres or stormy, this audit has you secured with some ideal proposals.
The stretchy fabric on these pants was comfortable and quite mobile  although at times felt a bit rough  a common complaint with all synthetic pants.

In May of 2018, we included two sets of jeans that we have been wearing and testing all spring to this effectively exhaustive survey. The Outdoor Research Ferrosi is a client most loved that arrived at the plain best of the rating graph, rousing us to crown them our new Best Overall champs. We likewise included the Prana Brion, an extremely basic however tasteful gasp that is light on highlights yet substantial on comfort. These newcomers are notwithstanding our as of late tried (January 2018), and Best Buy champ for convertible jeans, The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible.

A some climbing pants are super agreeable and exceptionally versatile, keep you cool as you work up a perspiration climbing tough, and can be worn on any day that you need to get outside. Considering every one of these variables, we observed the Outdoor Research Ferrosi to be the some climbing pants that you can purchase. They are made of tough ripstop texture that highlights a surprising 14% spandex strands, guaranteeing that they are portable enough to climb, running, yoga, high venturing on the stone — actually anything! They are likewise light, thin, and are breathable to the point that they are the ideal decision for sweltering climate. Their lower leg sleeve secure strings include a considerable measure of adaptability, enabling you to effortlessly move them up for more ventilation if necessary, or secure the sleeves tight around your boot tops to serve like gaiters. Furthermore, did we say that they would one say one are of the most moderate sets? Could you ask for anything better?

All things considered, a few things, which isn't a shock since no bit of open air gear is great. The super thin 90D ripstop texture is, without question, the most breathable that we tried, however we endured a smidgen on chilly, overcast, and blustery days where they didn't give sufficiently very security to our thin legs. Another thump is that the midriff estimating is somewhat off: our standard size quickly required a belt (excluded) to try and be wearable. Consider estimating down. Or then again advertises these jeans as a high climber's fantasy, yet we thought they worked shockingly better as universally handy climbing pants that particularly sparkle in sweltering climate.

Exceptionally agreeable texture and fit

Super practical for climbing and hiking, and also climbing and use around town

Moderate highlights give exactly what you need, and nothing more

Convertible alternative accessible for the individuals who need much greater flexibility

Has a tendency to assimilate water in an overwhelming storm

Somewhat warm for use in the most sweltering atmospheres

For a considerable length of time, the Prana Stretch Zion has been one of our most loved climbing and trekking pants. There are likewise by a wide margin our most loved gasp to move in, a demonstration of their toughness and adaptability. We cherished the load stash with zippers on opposite sides, empowering us to effectively achieve our telephone or topo while sitting at a belay, and additionally the little midriff tightener that enables us to wear these jeans without a belt. This component is likewise extraordinary for keeping the abdomen fitting superbly following possibly 14 days on the trail. Joined with the gentlest and most agreeable stretchy texture of any of the decisions we tried, it is no big surprise these jeans were one of the most elevated scorers in our general rankings. On the off chance that you incline toward convertibles to give you the selection of jeans versus shorts, we still profoundly prescribe the Stretch Zion Convertible, which is basically a similar gasp with twofold load pockets and speed off lower legs.

While these were our outright most some jeans for moving in, we noticed that they had a couple of blemishes. For one, the texture is somewhat substantial and thickly woven for climbing in sweltering climate. They work much better when the temps are on the cooler side. They likewise aren't as water safe as most, so be cautioned if wet climate is in your future. On the off chance that you are searching for an especially some climbing pants, or maybe never need to need to search for some jeans until the end of time, at that point we would suggest attempting on the Prana Stretch Zion. In the event that you need to spare $10 and needn't bother with a freight pocket or sleeve snaps, we very prescribe the Prana Brion, which utilizes the same agreeable texture, yet in a less complex plan that looks somewhat better around town.

Material: 94% nylon (62% reused)/6% spandex with a DWR wrap up

Super stretchy texture moves as you move and feels awesome against the skin

DWR covering viably sheds water while texture remains dry

Extremely reasonable for such superior

Barely any pockets implies it's difficult to convey heaps of additional stuff

Not a huge amount of ventilation

The Patagonia Quandary is an exceptionally straightforward and happy with climbing gasp made of stretchy reused nylon and cut in a thin, straight fit. We thought it was a la mode and unassuming off the trail while completing a marvelous activity of adjusting climate insurance and the capacity to remain cool while climbing. The best part is that it was among the most reasonable jeans in this audit and thinking of it as was one of the most elevated scorers; this settled on it the ideal decision for our Best Bang for the Buck Award. More often than not, on the off chance that you need to spend minimal measure of cash on adapt, you should trade off a bit on execution, however not so here! The Quandary Pant offers the best of the two universes, consolidating reasonableness with unrivaled solace, portability, and water security.

While these jeans are moderately breathable, they don't offer much in the method for ventilation. Consolidate this reality with an exceptionally thin straight fit, and there is the likelihood they could feel claustrophobic to a few; fellows with powerlifter thighs ought to most likely look somewhere else. This is a gasp that will truly flourish for a considerable length of time, days, or even a very long time on the trail, however wouldn't be our best decision for substantial physical work or grating rock climbing. For the individuals who need to spend minimal measure of cash on their jeans, yet would prefer not to trade off on materials or execution, the Patagonia Quandary is our suggestion for you.

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Best Value for a Convertible

The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible

The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Best Buy Award


at Amazon

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Material: 70D 168g/m² 100% nylon faille

Heaps of pockets and highlights

Strong and time-tried

Non-stretchy material somewhat prohibitive

Not our most loved look

Not exclusively is this the slightest costly convertible gasp we tried, but on the other hand it's outstanding amongst other estimations of any climbing gasp we've seen. Notwithstanding the low value, it comes stacked with a greater number of highlights than a large portion of the opposition. It has five pockets including two long payload stashes that effortlessly fit a bigger guide. The coordinated belt includes a level face that is generally agreeable added to a hiking abdomen repertoire. Raise zips permit ventilation and for the gasp to fit over greater boots.

About all it needs is stretchy material. On the off chance that you need this, you have to pay another $20 for the Paramount 3.0 Convertible. The 3.0 likewise has a marginally unique pocket arrangement and gasp length. Between the two, we incline toward having the stretch of the spandex/nylon mix of the 3.0, yet we don't know it's worth $20. In the event that you need a more stretchy convertible gasp, we'd run with the Stretch Zion.

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Most Versatile Hiking Pants

KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible

Top Pick Award


at REI

See It

Material: DURALUX 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex with a DWR wrap up

The convertible alternative takes into consideration the most solace regardless of what the temperature

Stretchy nylon feels incredible against the skin, while likewise offering phenomenal assurance from the components

Load pockets give a huge amount of storage room for trail necessities

Convertible zippers have an unmistakable look, and feel, over the lower quads

Principle catch comes unsnapped effortlessly

Climbing is a fantastic method to investigate the scene anyplace on earth, and the most flexible climbing gasp will have the capacity to keep you new as you navigate the horrendous warmth of the Mojave Desert similarly and in addition it shields you from the chill twists high in the Sierra. On the off chance that you are searching for that some uber-pants that can deal with everything superior to anything the rest, look no more remote than the KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible. We discovered its overwhelming, stretchy nylon to be an ideal shield against both breeze and sun, also trailside brush and rough earth and shake. The alternative to change over them into shorts makes the Renegade Cargo Convertible an ideal decision for mountain travel where temperatures vacillate quickly, and we adored wearing them as shorts by day, and jeans once the sun got bring down in the sky.

On the drawback, we found the zipper that considers jeans to shorts change to be recognizable as it rubs over the upper thigh, however on the other hand this is an issue with every convertible gasp. We were likewise astounded to find that the front catch regularly came fixed independent from anyone else with a touch of weight and stretch, however in any event it didn't "ping" off and fly over the room! With their sturdy texture and in vogue fit, these jeans took "do everything" to another level, as we think they are an incredible decision for different exercises other than simply climbing. While voyaging, outdoors, climbing, or on the other hand working in the yard, we constantly adored how these jeans fit and performed, which is the reason we suggested them as our Top Pick for Versatility.

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Top Pick for Wet Weather

Arc'teryx Perimeter

Top Pick Award


at Amazon

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Material: Cresta 89% nylon/11% elastane

The best water-shedding DWR covering

Stretchy nylon/elastane texture assimilates almost no water

Senses that an exceptionally lightweight specialized gasp

Nylon not as agreeable against skin as milder textures

Very little ventilation

A few scenes on earth are for all intents and purposes synonymous with overwhelming precipitation: the North Cascades, the South Island of New Zealand, or the Kanchenjunga locale of the Himalaya. Climbing in these zones nearly ensures that you will wind up getting wet, so a water safe climbing gasp ought to be a best need in the event that you have an outing to these or other wet atmospheres at the top of the priority list. A large portion of the jeans that we tried for this audit claim to have some solid water safe (DWR) covering connected to enable them to shed water before it retains into the texture, however just the Arc'teryx Perimeter Pant achieved this errand effectively, making it our Top Pick for Wet Weather. It's made of a stretchy mix of nylon and elastane that helps one to remember a more specialized mountain gasp however in exceptionally lightweight shape.

Obviously, worth bringing up is that notwithstanding being the most water safe in this audit, these jeans were no place close waterproof, and can't be substituted for real rain pants in a storm. We additionally observed the nylon texture to be more rough against the skin contrasted with its smoother and milder partners — an attribute we regularly saw when putting them on, however then promptly overlooked as we got on with our day. The Perimeter Pant adjusts supple portability and breathability with more than sufficient water opposition for most climbing experiences, and despite the fact that it wasn't one of the most astounding generally speaking scorers, it's our first decision in the event that we realize that rain is headed.

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Prominent for Incredible Durability

Fjallraven Vidda Pro


at MooseJaw

See It

See all costs (3 found)

Material: G-1000 Original: 65% polyester/35% cotton

Developed with heavy weight G-1000 texture that mixes polyester and cotton

Fortified in the majority of the overwhelming wear territories

Greenland wax treatment builds toughness and climate opposition

Extremely overwhelming for warm atmospheres

A perceptibly "Euro" style


For a few people, climbing isn't such a great amount about walking around a splendidly manicured trail as it is tied in with bushwacking, scrambling through troublesome territory, and getting exceptionally grimy. For these sorts, we prescribe looking at the one of a kind Fjallraven Vidda Pro, a proven outline that comes to us from the woodlands of Sweden. The most intriguing component of these jeans is that they are intended to be "impregnated" with Fjallraven's Greenland wax, similarly that one may wax their skis, to include solidness and water obstruction similarly that our predecessors did in the prior days Gore-Tex and innovative engineered textures.

With this interesting outline comes a couple of huge drawbacks, for example, overwhelming materials that trap warm significantly more than their opposition. They are likewise very costly and look more specialized Euro than metro-sexual. It's anything but a distortion to think about these jeans as high caliber, fortified, and morally sourced armed force surplus jeans, and they will flourish as a do-it-all alternative for the unpleasant wearer: chasing, bushcraft, and winter farming. While they weren't the most elevated scorers in our stretchy nylon-substantial survey, they set themselves apart for their strength and sturdiness, outstanding and praiseworthy characteristics for some jeans.

Investigation and Test Results

We tried the vast majority of these jeans over a three-month time span in an assortment of areas, including the Cascades of Oregon, the desert of Southern Utah, and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. A couple of different sets were included as we had the opportunity to test them. The lion's share of our testing occurred on climbs and outdoors experiences, where we utilized these jeans as they were planned to be utilized. To precisely rate every item, we surveyed them in view of five separate measurements that assume a basic part in the ideal execution and nature of a climbing gasp: solace and portability, venting and breathability, flexibility, water obstruction, and highlights. For specific items or measurements where we were not ready to achieve strong ends in the field, we formulated more controlled similar tests portrayed underneath.

The Screeline are magnificent for warm climate or cool and are an awesome gasp for climbing exploring or basically scrambling around on the stones as we are here at Sparks Lake OR.

The Screeline are magnificent for warm climate or cool, and are an awesome gasp for climbing, exploring, or basically scrambling around on the stones, as we are here at Sparks Lake, OR.

For every metric that we surveyed for, we allocated each gasp a score of 1-10. We at that point weighted every parameter in light of its relative significance to the capacity and consolidated every one of the scores to think of a general score between 1-100. In all cases, we evaluated pants in light of their execution contrasted with the opposition. Since we chose the twelve best matches of climbing pants from a thorough rundown of more than 70 alternatives, a poor score implies that it wasn't tantamount to the next 11 phenomenal sets of jeans in our audit, and doesn't infer that it is a terrible item. It's conceivable that a specific metric might be much more imperative to you than it was in our scoring framework. Assuming this is the case, we urge you to give careful consideration to that metric and plunge further into the individual audits to discover precisely how a given gasp performed. Underneath we will portray each survey metric in detail, including how we evaluated for it, how much that metric added to the general score, and let you know which were the best scoring items for every metric.

The Renegade Cargo Convertible is an amazing climbing gasp that can be utilized in a circumstance. Here we are on a night climb on the posterior of Smith Rock in Oregon with a forceful Cascade fountain of liquid magma out of sight.

The Renegade Cargo Convertible is an amazing climbing gasp that can be utilized in a circumstance. Here we are on a night climb on the posterior of Smith Rock in Oregon, with a forceful Cascade fountain of liquid magma out of sight.


A critical thought that nearly anybody can acknowledge while looking for new apparel or gear is esteem. While the maxim, "You get what you pay for" frequently seems to be accurate, our long periods of testing knowledge has shown us that one can typically discover extraordinary items for far not as much as first class valuing. This reality turns out to be progressively vital for the individuals who are endeavoring to furnish themselves with a whole exploring or trekking unit. Picking the best an incentive for the majority of the important buys could wind up sparing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars at last.

Look at the outline underneath, which plots cost versus execution, a great marker of significant worth. Jeans found on the correct side of the graph had the most astounding execution grades from our testing, while pants close to the base of the diagram are accessible at the least cost. On the off chance that you are hunting down the best esteem, at that point, look to the items in the lower right. As the graph appears, the greater part of the jeans in this survey fall generally near each other in execution and in addition cost, thus there are numerous decisions in the event that you are hunting down the best esteem.

Solace and Mobility

It makes sense that the most basic thought for any bit of apparel is the manner by which agreeable it is. In the event that you are diverted by something that you are wearing, at that point your consideration is being detracted from what you are doing.

Solace, at that point, could be characterized as an absence of diversion, where the gasp moves and streams with you as you move; never discouraging, never squeezing, never rubbing, never irritating, never diverting. In the event that a gasp isn't happy to wear, you won't think about whatever is left of the measurements we quantified for you here, on the grounds that you won't consider wearing the jeans sufficiently long to mind whether the pockets are in helpful spots or the sewing is solid.

A near take a gander at the fit and style of the nine sets of climbing pants in our survey front view. From left to right: KUHL Kontra Air Prana Stretch Zion KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible The North Face Paramount 3.0 Arc'teryx Perimeter Patagonia Quandary REI Co-operation Screeline Mountain Hardwear Men's Hardwear AP Fjallraven Vidda Pro.

A similar take a gander at the fit and style of the nine sets of climbing pants in our audit, front view. From left to right: KUHL Kontra Air, Prana Stretch Zion, KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible, The North Face Paramount 3.0, Arc'teryx Perimeter, Patagonia Quandary, REI Co-operation Screeline, Mountain Hardwear Men's Hardwear AP, Fjallraven Vidda Pro.

Solace runs as an inseparable unit with portability. Climbing pants should have the capacity to move and curve like you, and this is a urgent segment to keeping your jeans off your brain. While the majority of the jeans evaluated are built basically of nylon, some consolidate little rates of stretchy material, for example, spandex or elastane to enable them to stretch and move without impeding, and others utilize mixes of cotton to enhance the vibe against the skin.

A relative take a gander at the back of the nine climbing pants in this years audit. From left to right: KUHL Kontra Air Prana Stretch Zion KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible The North Face Paramount 3.0 Arc'teryx Perimeter Patagonia Quandary REI Co-operation Screeline Mountain Hardwear Men's Hardwear AP Fjallraven Vidda Pro.

Some jeans, for example, the Patagonia Quandary fit thin, however have unfathomable extending properties, keeping them portable. Then again, two or three choices, for example, the Fjallraven Vidda Pro jeans, have no stretchiness incorporated with the texture yet rather advance versatility by fusing a looser, baggier cut.

On a leaf peeping climb in the harvest time in the Colorado mountains. The Kontra Air was absolutely a standout amongst the most agreeable sets of jeans to climb in.

On a leaf peeping climb in the pre-winter in the Colorado mountains. The Kontra Air was positively a standout amongst the most agreeable sets of jeans to climb in.

The jeans that were the most agreeable were built utilizing a delicate material that felt awesome against the skin. They likewise had the least limitations in the cut where we saw snugness or rubbing and had the stretchiest and most versatile textures. The Prana Stretch Zion did the best occupation of consolidating every one of these elements, giving the most agreeable, versatile, and loosening up fit. The fundamentally the same as Prana Brion, which utilizes a similar texture and has indistinguishable cut from the Stretch Zion, in like manner scored at the highest point of the heap. Not far behind was the stretchy and versatile Patagonia Quandary, and in addition the also stretchy Outdoor Research Ferrosi, which just passed up a best score for comfort in light of the fact that the estimating of the midriff was completely off. Solace fluctuates in light of body size and sort, so make certain to peruse the individual surveys to get a thought of how each gasp fits. In general, Comfort and Mobility represented 35% of an item's last score.

Venting and Breathability

Those of us who jump at the chance to climb in jeans can value their capacity to shield us from wind, sun, chilly, and brush. Be that as it may, invest enough energy strolling around outside in jeans, and you will encounter some extreme warmth development, also perspiring. That is the reason it's fundamental to have a gasp that can vent and inhale well. Breathability is the capacity of texture to enable warmth and particularly dampness to go from within to the outside through the material while venting alludes to the capacity to open up pockets or zippers to all the more rapidly permit hot, wet air to escape and chill one.

Through our numerous long stretches of testing, we found that venting is the best and effective method for chilling when overheating in some jeans, so includes like zippered vents, work lined pockets, and roll-capable sleeves calculated vigorously into an item's score. The majority of the jeans included a tight, nylon weave that extremely restricted direct air exchange — useful for wind insurance, yet not as productive for breathability.

To test venting and breathability, we for the most part depended on our chance field testing. A lot of this time was spent meandering around in the sun in the desert, ideal for seeing how well a gasp will inhale while striving in the sun. Different occasions we climbed tough, as one typically does in the mountains, developing the warmth and sweat required for some genuine examination. Not content with these "uncontrolled" tests, we likewise chose to test every one of the jeans in a controlled circumstance. We took them out to a lofty slope in the sun, worked up a perspiration, and kept running up the slope as quick as we could in each some jeans, giving careful consideration to how hot and awkward each combine felt, particularly contrasted with the others. While we thought that it was difficult to evaluate the consequences of this test numerically, we effectively saw what models felt cooler than others.

These extensive work vents on the back of the knees of the Screeline were extremely powerful at taking into account wind current inside the gasp making this the most ventilated gasp in our audit.

These vast work vents on the back of the knees of the Screeline were exceptionally viable at taking into account wind current inside the gasp, making this the most ventilated gasp in our survey.

Maybe as anyone might expect, the jeans made of the lightest and most slender texture did the best employment of breathing, while the jeans with the most work and zippered vents chilled us the speediest and kept us from getting excessively damp with sweat in any case. The OR Ferrosi were the lightest, most slender, and by a long shot the most breathable jeans in this test, settling on them a primo decision for wearing in hot atmospheres. Then again, the REI Co-operation Screeline was the reasonable victor in the venting division, because of its liberal work vents, particularly behind the knees. The KUHL Kontra Air was directly behind, utilizing a mix of a huge amount of venting and additionally a thin and light cotton mix texture. The KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible additionally had a huge amount of vents, also the capacity to just change over them to shorts, should the craving emerge. The jeans that we observed to be the most smoking, translated here as the slightest breathable, were likewise the thickest and heaviest and had the minimum vents. With its phenomenally thick and overwhelming G-1000 texture and no vents, the Fjallraven Vidda Pro was a gasp planned only for cooler climate. Venting and Breathability represented 15% of an item's last score.

Running tough in the sun on a hot day to test the venting and breathability abilities of some jeans. The Stretch Zion were an entirely warm gasp by and large and we favored them for cooler climate.

Running tough in the sun on a hot day to test the venting and breathability capacities of some jeans. The Stretch Zion were a really warm gasp in general, and we favored them for cooler climate.


On many climbing undertakings, you will travel light, now and then just having the privilege to take what you are wearing when you exit the entryway.

Regardless of whether you are going for multi day climb or arranging a broadened hiking trip, you will be more joyful in a some jeans that work over a scope of conditions and temperatures. The perfect jeans can shield your legs from most conditions all on a similar climb. Some super adaptable jeans ought to have no issue dealing with circumstances running from serious sun and warmth, wind, rain, chilly, or brush along the trail.

Attempting to warm up by the fire on a nippy and blustery night outdoors. The Perimeter gasp is an ideal decision for stormy climate or wet atmospheres and we think it is preferable for cooler climate over amid summer.

Endeavoring to warm up by the fire on a cold and breezy night outdoors. The Perimeter gasp is an ideal decision for stormy climate or wet atmospheres, and we think it is preferred for cooler climate over amid summer.

The convertible component assists with a gasp's flexibility. On the off chance that it is excessively hot or you turn out to be excessively damp with sweat, that issue can be immediately tackled by unfastening the bottoms and transforming them into shorts. All in all, pants that were convertible scored higher for flexibility. Just two or three sets of convertible jeans were tried for this audit, these being the KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible and The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible. Nonetheless, two or three different sets, for example, the Prana Stretch Zion and The North Face Paramount 3.0 are likewise accessible for buy in convertible choices.

Another less basic part of flexibility is whether the jeans exceed expectations at different exercises other than simply climbing. For example, on a long through climb, you may wind up swimming, extending with some yoga, climbing a tree (for any number of reasons!), or in an improvised bouldering session. How well you can do these things in a some jeans influences how we scored them for adaptability. While these jeans are intended for climbing, pants will be jeans, and it is pleasant to have the capacity to wear them around town amid our normal lives if require be, and this factor additionally contributed marginally to a gasp's adaptability score.

The Renegade Cargo Convertible jeans were the most flexible in our audit in extensive part because of the way that in the event that you are too warm you can just unfasten the lower leg and you are left with shorts.

The Renegade Cargo Convertible jeans were the most adaptable in our audit, in huge part because of the way that in the event that you are too warm, you can just unfasten the lower leg and you are left with shorts.

Made with tough nylon and offering many venting choices, also the capacity to change over into shorts, we found the KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible to be the most adaptable jeans that we tried for this audit. They kept us cool while climbing tough in the sun, and were additionally thick enough to shield us from the chilly and wind. We likewise loved them for wearing around town or while working outside and observed them to be a satisfactory climbing gasp too. A nearby second was the Prana Stretch Zion, which we observed to be a hotter gasp by and large, yet which additionally accompanies a convertible alternative. Finally, The North Face Paramount 3.0 was a smooth and a la mode gasp that we discovered served us well whether out climbing with a pack on or venturing to the far corners of the planet. Its light and the stretchy texture was astounding against the breeze and furthermore offered wonderful sun insurance, and it additionally has a convertible alternative. In general, flexibility represented 15% of an item's last score.

The agreeable Kontra Air pants are very adaptable as we tried by moving in them at Smith Rock. We thought they were awesome for about any movement yet flourished better in warm dry climate.

The agreeable Kontra Air pants are very adaptable, as we tried by moving in them at Smith Rock. We thought they were extraordinary for about any action, however flourished better in warm, dry climate.


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