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Checkout The HTC U11 review

After the frustrating, gradual updates of the One M8 and M9, a year ago's HTC 10 demonstrated that the Taiwanese organization still has aspirations in the cell phone showcase. The telephone was deservedly well known with commentators, yet unfortunately neglected to touch off open fervor.

The current year's HTC U11 is a substantially more sensational takeoff from past leads like the HTC 10, exchanging brushed aluminum for an eye-getting fluid glass complete folded over an amazing, squeezable cell phone that offers enticing highlights. We believe it's phenomenal rivalry against leaders like the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 because of an outstanding camera, and liquid execution. We should make a plunge.

Excellent, yet huge

The most recognizable element of the HTC U11 is its fluid glass surface. The U11 is one of the shiniest telephones we've at any point dealt with, and you truly do need to see it face to face to get a thought of how the refractive minerals heated into the glass change shading as you tilt the telephone. The eye-getting red U11 changes to gold, the white demonstrates every one of the shades of the rainbow, and the dark has an unobtrusive trace of green. Our silver survey unit is to a greater degree a light blue, yet there is likewise a darker blue choice.

HTC's glass doesn't simply look great, it additionally bends somewhat – on the front and back — to consistently mix into an aluminum outline. It's entirely agreeable to hold, and the back complete feels more like plastic in the hand than glass, since it warms to the touch rapidly. The promptly evident drawback to a nearly reflected back is that it grabs dingy fingerprints and smears. On the off chance that you need to keep up its great looks, convey a microfiber material in your pocket, and be set up to clean.





The following most unmistakable component is the U11's size — this telephone is enormous. The U11 has a 5.5-inch show, however the front has an extensive edges above and underneath. Indeed, even contrasted with a year ago's Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which likewise has a 5.5-inch show, the U11 feels huge. Put it by the incomprehensibly thin Galaxy S8, which packs a bigger 5.8-inch show, and the U11 feels huge.

It is reasonable for say that HTC isn't yet locally available with the bezel-less pattern, or the new, longer 18:9 screen arrange that LG presented with the G6. This could be a troublesome obstruction for HTC to survive, in light of the fact that, not at all like Samsung and LG, the organization does not have its very own showcase division. From the front, the U11 looks certainly dated and the S8 and G6 are a lot less demanding to oversee one-gave

The HTC U11 has a Super LCD 5 screen with a goals of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which offers a sharp 590 pixels-per-inch. It's agreeable to peruse on for extensive stretches, and recreations and motion pictures look great. The brilliance is restricted, be that as it may, which can be an issue in direct daylight.

The HTC U11 is satiny and exceptionally quick.

It's easy to refute how imperative the extended screen and little bezels are, yet the absence of anything unique in this office is positively a powerless point for the U11.

Beneath the screen there's a recessed, glass unique mark sensor. It's normally quick and responsive, yet we found that it was activated by our palm incidentally, more frequently than we'd have enjoyed, and it once in a while took two or three attempts to open. The unique mark sensor is flanked by capacitive touch catches for back and ongoing applications. They just light up when squeezed and there's vibration input.

Take a gander at the base edge and you'll see that HTC has likewise done the change to USB Type-C. You won't locate a 3.5mm sound jack on this telephone, however HTC has given USB Type-C headphones and a connector in the case.

Exceptionally quick

Utilizing the HTC U11 is smooth and extremely quick. Exploring around, hopping all through applications, and gaming are sans hitch. That shouldn't come as quite a bit of an amazement, considering the U11 is pressing a Snapdragon 835 sponsored by 4GB of RAM.

We played Injustice 2, Super Mario Run, and Asphalt Extreme, and didn't experience any execution issues whatsoever. This telephone is a fantasy for gaming. The Snapdragon 835 is Qualcomm's present top notch and it offers noteworthy execution and productivity supports over past chips. It appeared in the Galaxy S8, however you won't discover it in numerous different telephones presently — an aid for HTC.

When we ran the benchmarks on our HTC U11, the scores were great:

3DMark SlingShot Extreme: 3,631

AnTuTu: 175,748

Geekbench 4: 1,926 single center; 6,493 multi center

For correlation, the S8 scored 2,052, 155,253, and 1,762 single center, 5,723 multi center in similar tests, individually, while the G6 (which has the more established Snapdragon 821) scored 2,102 in 3D Mark, and 135,032 in AnTuTu.

By far most of Android telephones we've claimed have displayed some expanded laziness after some time, so we'll be intrigued to check whether the U11 backs off. At this moment, it's one of the quickest telephones we've at any point utilized, and it has all that anyone could need control for a great many people.

In case you're pondering about capacity, the base model offers a sufficient 64GB with space for extension through a MicroSD card opening.

Crush me

One of the feature highlights for the HTC U11 is called Edge Sense and it enables you to crush the base edges of the handset to play out an assortment of alternate ways, for example, propelling the camera, and snapping a photograph. You can likewise arrange it to dispatch Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa , turn on Wi-Fi or the electric lamp, record your voice, or dispatch some other application of your decision. Since discharge HTC has refreshed the Edge Sense usefulness further, so you can crush to trigger activities inside applications and diversions. This implies it very well may be utilized to focus in on Google Maps or make Mario hop in Super Mario Run.

It's anything but difficult to set up and you're incited to give it a shot when you first turn on your U11. There are sensors running down each side of the telephone that begin underneath the power catch. You can set the power you're happy with utilizing, and vibration criticism and in addition an onscreen activity will tell you it's working. In the event that you find you're enacting it inadvertently, you can re-align it to require more power.

htc u11 survey screen capture 20170519 143737

htc u11 survey screen capture 20170521 110509

htc u11 survey screen capture 20170521 080506

htc u11 survey screen capture 20170521 203557

htc u11 survey screen capture 20170521 110452

In the event that you empower propelled mode, you can set one activity for a short crush and an alternate one for a press and hold. This takes a little practice to ace. Of course, one press will dispatch the camera and you can crush again to snap a photograph. This may seem like somewhat of a contrivance, however it's really a stage forward towards a catch less telephone structure. HTC is attempting to slide us delicately into the thought with Edge Sense, and we expect further improvements toward this path in the event that it demonstrates well known.

We had questions about its handiness in any case, yet there are circumstances where Edge Sense works pleasantly. The default camera dispatch is a snappy easy route and the capacity to crush again to catch a photograph, combined with the intelligent back, implies you can without much of a stretch utilize the back camera for prevalent selfies. It likewise works when the U11's screen, or your hands, are wet.

On the off chance that you live some place chilly and use gloves, we can see Edge Sense proving to be useful yet again. It is anything but a noteworthy element, however it's intriguing, and it's decent to see HTC is as yet developing. As cell phones lose the bezels and catches, we will require better approaches for associating with them and crushing feels like a characteristic motion.

Android, sans hands Alexa, and Sense UI

The HTC U11 runs Android 7.1.1 with the Sense UI to finish everything. It's not very far from stock Android, and it will be right away available for any individual who has utilized Android previously. HTC is generally substance to utilize Google's suite of applications as opposed to bending over with mediocre renditions of its own, as some Android producers lamentably still demand doing.

The HTC U11 has the refinement of being the primary telephone with without hands Amazon Alexa bolster. It's not by any means the only telephone with Alexa, as Huawei took off Alexa bolster on the Mate 9 toward the finish of March. Be that as it may, the U11's Snapdragon 835 processor underpins initiation of two sans hands benefits in the meantime.

The Alexa application, as Alexa on the Huawei Mate 9, doesn't demonstrate visuals like the Amazon's Echo Show speaker. Be that as it may, it can do nearly everything else Alexa can do on Amazon's Echo speakers, including brilliant home control, climate reports, news, movement, cautions, date-book support, and bounty more. It likewise approaches Amazon's accumulation of 10,000 abilities in the Alexa store.

Man-made intelligence assistants are regularly of questionable support, yet much relies upon what you anticipate. Alexa worked great on the U11 — even from the telephone's lockscreen. It addressed random data questions, gave us the climate report, and gave us neighborhood drive times.

Sense Companion is superior to anything expected, yet it is anything but motivation to purchase the telephone.

At that point there's HTC's Sense Companion. It's another AI right hand (which appeared on the HTC U Ultra), however don't stress, since you can in any case long press the unique mark sensor to dispatch Google Assistant. Sense Companion doesn't contend as a voice collaborator — it resembles a layer on your cell phone that learns by snooping on your action (on the off chance that you permit it), and, presents proposals you may like.

The Sense Companion presented valuable logical proposals. It reminded us to dress for rain when it was wet, it upgraded a couple applications to support battery life, and it suggested some adjacent diners for lunch. It additionally tracks your movement, giving a week by week step tally report, features focal points when you're out on the town, and gives you activity refreshes that may affect your drive.

It's more valuable than Google Now with preemptive proposals, since it springs up over applications as a Facebook Messenger-like talk head. It's superior to anything expected, yet it is anything but motivation to purchase the telephone.

A lot of stamina

With a battery limit of 3,000mAh — indistinguishable size from the battery in the Galaxy S8 — we expected standard day-long execution, however we've been enjoyably astonished. The HTC U11 experiences no difficulty enduring past sleep time, even with overwhelming use.

Much relies upon which applications and recreations you use, flag quality in your general vicinity, and a couple of different elements, however the U11 appears to have great battery life. By and large, it endures over multi day — we finished multi day of normal use with around 40 percent remaining.

Talking about charging, the U11 bolsters Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 innovation. It squeezes up quick when the battery is low, yet then backs off as it approaches limit. To give a precedent, toward the beginning of today it took 30 minutes to go from 22 percent to 69 percent, however one more hour to achieve 100 percent.

We're a little baffled that there's no help for remote charging, similar to you'll discover in the S8.

Camera is a contender

Everybody needs an extraordinary camera in their cell phone, however it has not been a solid point for HTC throughout the most recent couple of years. That may all be going to change with the U11. This is a superb camera that gets reliably great outcomes in a wide range of situations and conditions. We've truly made the most within recent memory with it up until this point.

Early signs that HTC may have the camera right originated from news that DxO Mark granted it a score of 90, the most astounding score it has ever given a cell phone camera. For reference, the Google Pixel scored 89, the Galaxy S8 scored 88. what's more, the iPhone 7 scored 86.

The HTC U11 has a 12-megapixel fundamental camera with an extensive f/1.7 gap, with Optical Image Stabilization, a double LED glimmer, and HDR Boost. Picture takers will welcome the Pro mode with RAW arrangement bolster.

Amid our testing in auto mode, we found rapidly pointing and shooting with the U11 camera brought about pleasingly incredible shots as a rule. It's quick to center, catches a genuine profundity of detail with almost no commotion, and the hues are lively, however reasonable.

In bright conditions, most photographs turned out incredible, and low-light execution is similarly noteworthy. There's unavoidably some blossoming with splendid lights, yet the U11 contrasts positively and other cell phone cameras. It's extraordinary for close-ups, as well, catching tiny subtleties with a strong bokeh impact obscuring the foundation.

The forward looking camera is evaluated at 16 megapixels with a f/2.0 opening, HDR Boost bolster, and 1080p video recording. It's optimal for video calls and fit for catching itemized selfies, despite the fact that we favored the outcomes when we utilized the crush capacity to snap selfies with the principle camera.

Wired for sound

We were happy to discover BoomSound speakers in the HTC U11, however the principle speaker is base confronting — we incidentally needed to correct our fingers to abstain from concealing it. The volume and quality is great — for a telephone – truth be told, it's one of the most intense telephones we've at any point tried. Call quality and clearness is additionally strong.


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The U11 accompanies a couple of genuinely agreeable USonic headphones with dynamic commotion wiping out in the crate with your U11. We were truly awed with the commotion abrogation. At the point when music plays, it muffles by far most of foundation sound from your condition. Films and TV indicates are much increasingly vivid with the headphones, as well.


We're clashed on the HTC U11 structure. The fluid glass complete is exquisite and the assemble quality is commonly high, however unique mark smircesh rapidly ruin it. The U11 additionally feels huge, with a normal showcase that has excessively fringe around it.

In the engine, the U11 offers magnificent speed and ease. The camera is outstanding amongst other we've utilized, the sound quality is better than expected, and we're happy with the battery life. Squeezability is in its early stages, yet it's helpful now and again and indicates the way a conceivable catch free future.

Value, accessibility, and guarantee

You can arrange the HTC U11 opened from HTC or Amazon for $650, or lift it up from Sprint on a two-year contract at $29 every month. It's presently transporting to clients in the United States. In the U.K., it's additionally sold through HTC's very own online store, through the EE system, or Carphone Warehouse for 650 British pounds.

There are four accessible hues: dark, silver dim, blue, and red. The shocking sun powered red — the fluid glass surface changes from red to orange contingent upon the light — is our specific top choice, and the magnificent news is it tends to be bought in both the U.S and the United Kingdom.

The HTC U11 accompanies a standard restricted 2-year guarantee that covers fabricating abandons and defective parts or segments, yet not mishaps. The telephone is IP67-evaluated, which is great since you're not secured for water harm. Tragically, the U11 isn't secured by HTC's Uh-Oh Protection, which offers a free trade for broke screens or water harm when you purchase your telephone straightforwardly from HTC.

HTC is additionally right now running a constrained time advancement for U.S. supporters through the finish of September. In the event that you buy a HTC 11, you'll get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for nothing.

Is there a superior option?

The most prominent Android cell phone right currently is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and there's little uncertainty it dominates the U11 in the style office, yet it will cost you in any event $100 more. The indistinguishably evaluated LG G6 is a significantly closer contender. It's not as incredible as the U11, but rather it has an extraordinary wide-point focal point and that new 18:9 screen design.

The OnePlus 5 offers Snapdragon 835 power at a lower $480 cost, at that point tosses in up to 8GB of RAM for good measure, alongside a skilled double focal point camera. The plan is alluring, however the shading decision is dull contrasted with the eye-getting HTC U11.

To what extent will it last?

The HTC U11 should easily last both of you years, possibly three. It has the most recent kind of Android with Google Assistant installed, and HTC's leader of cell phones, Chialin Chang, has affirmed that the handset will be refreshed with in any event the following two noteworthy Android variants.

It likewise has the front line Snapdragon 835 inside, which is Qualcomm's best chip at the present time. In light of our testing the U11 is ground-breaking enough to fulfill your each impulse for years to come.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. In the event that you esteem substance over style, the HTC U11 is anything but difficult to suggest. It's exceptionally quick, it conveys convincing sound quality, the camera gets amazing outcomes with no fiddling required, and the battery life is strong. Sense Companion supplements Google Assistant and Alexa pleasantly, and Edge Sense is the imaginative wonderful finish.


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