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Helinox Chair Zero

The IZIP E3 Brio Price and Review

IZIP has propelled a bundle of every new bicycle for 2019 and the E3 Brio is another I got an opportunity to survey. The E3 Brio is a worker bicycle pressed with highlights and esteem while keep up its moderateness. At a beginning value purpose of $1,699, the bicycle comes in 2 outline styles, a high-advance in dark just, and a stage through (resembles the high-advance with a progressively inclined methodology) in dark or red.

The high-advance comes in medium (18") and huge (20") sizes, while the progression through comes in little (16") and medium (18"). At this value point, there will be some passage level parts, however what I do love is all the included things they included, there is only a great deal of significant worth here and I need to try to cover everything. Included with the bicycle are these plastic bumpers which are to some degree customizable. It may be somewhat precarious to get them straight yet once you do, they won't shake much, because of t…

Enduro VoltBike Review

New and refreshed for 2019 is the VoltBike Enduro, a lower cost choice for those searching for a full suspension mid-drive off-road bicycle. The bicycle begins at $1,999 in the US and $2,499 in Canada. VoltBike sells essentially on the web, so delivering is regularly about $50 in the US, or on the off chance that you are around the local area in Vancouver, B.C., you can continually swing by and lift one up without paying transportation. I explored this bicycle some time back, and it would seem that all the best highlights are still here, alongside a significant number overhauls.

The real changes here are a higher limit battery, better tires, and the greater water powered brakes, however we will dive into more detail with all that soon. For the present, I need to make reference to that in spite of the fact that it comes in only 1 outline size and 1 shading, it is still entirely receptive with this slanted top cylinder. A great deal of change and solace here as well. Like these Maxxis …